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Hey all…that talk at my house has been the reunion retreat that LouAnn of LouAnn Quilt Garden and Retreat is planning.  For those of you who have been with me on the blog for a time you know that last year we hosted a quilting retreat with Bonnie Hunter as the guest presenter.  Well several of the girls want to get together again…you know to show off our finished quilts that we started from last year  (BAHAHAA)!!  Seriously we all just want to get together again and sew but mostly renew friendships.

Kelli and I are not hosting this at all…it’s all LouAnn and her staff.  I did offer to write a blurb about it here on the blog though.  She said that they had sent out info to all of the attendees who went last year but she’s been getting quite a few emails that come back as unknown.  UGH.  We don’t want anyone to feel left out.  So, if you attended last year didn’t get an invitation via email, consider this your invitation.  Here is the information that is available at this time.  PLEASE NOTE:  There is no guest speaker or teacher coming to present.  This is a free sew opportunity.

LouAnn’s Quilt Garden is planning a reunion of 4 days of sewing with friends August 2-5, 2018.

Two Options:

#1– LouAnn’s Retreat. Check in on August 1st. 4 nights

       stay/sewing. Cost is $300.

Maximum 27 people.


#2– Quilters sew at the Community Center for 4 days

starting August 2 through 5th.  Cost is $150.

For Option #2, you will need to find your own lodging.

More information about lodging will come in January



General Information for both Options:

Deposit to secure your spot is due ASAP with a check for $50. Include your name, what option, email and telephone number.

Each participant will get a “reunion” t-shirt and a 10% discount at LouAnn’s Quilt Shop.

Remember, we only take cash or personal checks.

More information to come.

I am attending and happily this time I can SEW!  I don’t have to teach.  I don’t have to organize.  I can sit my butt on a chair and sew the day away!!  I’m pretty excited for the prospect.  I told Connie (who also plans on attending) that I reserve the right to go home one night.  I’ll miss Ruby…and Hubby….and want to check in long enough that everything in my personal schedule doesn’t get thrown up in a mess!

This is really my first time I’ve attended a retreat that I didn’t present at.  I’m excited…as for Kelli attending.  I’m not sure if she is or not.  She was going to look at her schedule.

Anyway, LouAnn is the person you need to contact if you have questions or want to reserve a spot.  Here is her contact information. or phone (319) 283-5165.

Hope to see you there!!

6 thoughts on “Reunion Retreat”

  1. I haven’t gotten any info and I did give my information, will send my money etc will give LouAnn a call today. Been wondering about this as I look at your site always, looking forward to another Retreat with you all.

  2. Jo, I brought vintage machines to the trunk show, I’d love to sew with all of you if there’s room. Put me on the waiting list as I don’t want to budge anyone out!

  3. I did not get the email but one of the other gals did forward it to me-I will contact them with correct info. Unsure if I can attend yet so much going on this year! Thank you for the update.

  4. Lou Ann Milkslouanns

    Thank you Jo for helping me out !! We won’t exclude anyone!! Linda from Minnesota was the first to send her deposit

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