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I am back in the swing of things and back to work but I still am reminiscing about the retreat and thinking of all the great ladies (and Matt) that we got to meet.  Initially both Kelli and I were nervous about the event.  Did we plan right?  Would it work?  The other thing we were so nervous about is would people be disappointed once they met us??  We are honestly no frill gals and sometimes we end up feeling a little inadequate because of it.

Well let me tell you…after stepping into the room and meeting everyone, it just took a few short minutes for all of those initial fears to fly out the window.  It’s amazing how a person can walk into a room with strangers and come out friends.  Here’s a picture of my new friends that I met in Oelwein.

Sadly Barbara had to leave early and we missed a photo opportunity with her.  She was a sweetie and grew up in Waseca, Minnesota just 13 miles from my parents farm.  Who knew we would both be quilters and both be in Oelwein, Iowa years later.  I love little coincidences like that.

We had many first time quilt retreaters in this bunch and I think all had a good experience.  We had a couple who had gone to a retreat before but didn’t like it but braved it and tried again.  All reported to have had fun this time around.  Compliments like that made mine and Kelli’s heart sing!!

We have Bonnie booked to come back in 2017.  We are so excited about that.  We’re already making plans and notes about what worked and what could be improved on.

Thanks to all who attended and those who helped make this event happen.  Most of all thanks to all the retreaters from both sites for opening your heart and accepting these two farm gals as friends.

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  1. Sue(Cabana Sue)

    I would have to AGREE with all of the comments here as well. This was my first retreat and I sure was scared, but after about 30 mins into getting everything unpacked, I started feeling like I was with these ladies for sometime. Everyone was very nice, I loved meeting Bonnie and yes she is a VERY sweet person as well as Lou Ann and Jo and Kelli. I really didn’t know what to except but I really enjoyed it. Bonnie and Jo and Kelli were great instructors for teaching us the patterns. I can’t wait until 2017. I am hoping all of us can make it then. I loved the trunk show as well. I also liked the idea that when I got there, I could just unpack my truck and leave it until I was ready to go home. Which means everything that we needed was in walking distance. Everyone who brought their quilts for show and tell, oh boy they all were just beautiful, great work on them all.

  2. It was such a great retreat. You and Kelli were so welcoming and fun to meet. I think you did an amazing job with everything, especially since you were holding the retreats at two separate locations. Well done!! Hoping to make it to the next retreat!

  3. Jo and Kelli… I had a great time. You ladies are perfect, don’t change a thing. I was very excited to meet the two of you and to let you know that you are my best friends! You had a great retreat and I am looking forward to more!!

  4. You did a wonderful job organizing everything. We had a great time ( Matt even enjoyed the trunk show). I’m so tempted to sign up to come back. You left us all wanting more, a true sign of a great visit.

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