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In last night’s post I told you about the cross stitch retreat I went to but what I didn’t tell you was about my purchases. I saved that for today.

I first have to say it’s SUPER hard not to purchase much when going to a retreat and there is a cross stitch shop below. Other attendees bring pieces they have stitched and the next thing I know, I want to stitch it too.

I went with a list and an intention of keeping to the list. For the most part, I did pretty well.

I had this Blackbird Designs book on my list. I collect Blackbird Design charts as they go out of print and often don’t come back into print. This was one I didn’t have.

This is the project I’d like to stitch that’s in the book…

Imagine my suprise when I walked into the door at the shop and Sherry, one of the owners, handed the book to me and said, “Here you go. An annonymous blog reader gifted this to you.” What?? Wow!

I was about tears. That was so very sweet. Thank you so much.

The kindnesses didn’t end there. Two other blog readers called the store and left gift certificates for me. I’m so thankful and honored that you did this. I know one was Ila…the other person I don’t know who it is. I do appreciate this so much.

With the gift certicicates I bought the threads that I didn’t have that were on my list for this project…This is our lasting friendship. This is from booklet called Our Lasting Friendship from Blackbird Designs.

I bought the threads for this project A Token of Love from Blackbird Designs. It’s from the book When the Leaves Fall.

I’m kind of gearing up for next year. I want to have “A Year of the Blackbird” meaning I want to stitch a lot of Blackbird Designs charts. I have so many that I would love to stitch so why not dedicate a year for it? That’s my current plan anyway.

I currently have two Blackbird Design projects that I’m working on. I plan in stitching a Token of Love this Fall.

Just before I ran out the door on Thursday I grabbed this project, Every Opening Flower by With Thy Needle and Thread. It’s also been on my list to stitch. I looked through my threads and have the majority of them. I ended up purchasing the ones I didn’t have.

I’m so glad I did. Pat had stitched this and I love it!! Janelle started it at the retreat and it’s just beautiful. Kelli gave me the idea of putting grandkid intials where the letters are and I just might do that. Oh, I was inspired for sure.

She stitched hers on 46 count linen. I think I’m going to stick with 40 count…but I do want to try 46 count at some point. Pat was so helpful and let me put a few stitches into a piece of 46 count linen that she had with her at the retrea and I can see it so that was good news!!

I LOVE the willow tree on this piece. We have a willow tree in our back yard. I love the big flower vase too. Oh, I can’t wait to stitch this one!!

I had purchasing this chart on my list. It is At Home by With Thy Needle and Thread. I didn’t intend of purchasing the floss or linen…but being I had the gift certificate, I splurged.

I only picked threads that I didn’t think I already had at home. I’m going to kit this all up (meaning put it all together so it’s ready to stitch on at a drop of the hat). I’ll see if I have all of the threads or if I need some more and will get those is when I go to the Stichery Nook next. I’m hoping this Friday. I have a blog reader who wants to meet up. So fun.

I’m so excited to stitch these projects. If anyone wants to stitch one of them, let me know and I’ll start it with you. I’m game even though I have several projects already going. It’s so much more fun to stitch along with someone. It’s fun to see progress together. If you need anything the Stitchery Nook has all of the supplies…they were out of the floss Used Brick but other than that, everything can be purchased there. HERE is a link to their shop.

While I was shopping Liz, one of the store owners, and I got to chat. We picked out four upcoming stitch along projects. I’m so excited about them all. I hope you will be as well.

I did get one other chart but this one was a gift from Kathryn. She knew I liked With Thy Needle and Thread charts and she passed this one to me. It’s a Spring Easter chart. I happily accepted it and will try to get to it this Spring. For some reason I peter out on seasonal stitching once spring rolls around. Hopefully I can get this one stitched.

I ended up getting a lot…not a lot more than my original list, but a lot.

Thank you so much to the people who called the Stitchery Nook and had a gift card waiting there for me. It was the sweetest and really made my retreat even more fun!

I’m off to get these all togeher and into project bags…That’s another thing I love to do. So much FUN!!! Oh, I love cross stitching!!

11 thoughts on “Retreat Purchases”

  1. That was so kind of your blog readers. You must have felt like a kid in a sweet shop ha! I love the pieces you chose, especially A Token of Love.

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time at your cross-stitch retreat, Jo. What a treat to have surprise gifts from readers, too! I just purchased the small Nurge hoop you talked about a few days ago and REALLY like it. Now I need to order the extra small. It’s surprisingly more comfortable to stitch with a square/rectangular shape than the round hoops I’ve used for year. Thanks for the tip! PS Please share some pix of your flowers this year. They are always so pretty.

  3. Jo I love all of your purchases. Great choices!!! I have Every Opening Flower all kitted up and ready to go. I have been working on Live on Little by Plum Street and it is nearly done but then I needed a “change of scenery” and started Pet All the dogs by Teresa Kogut. I didn’t think I would like to have more than one project going but I like it. I have a few others kitted so I think I will put a few stitches in a few more. Let the WIPs begin.This is what watching Floss Tube has done to me and I LOVE it.

  4. You have inspired me to cross stitch again with your stitch alongside. And recommending The Stitchery Nook was great. I have ordered several times from them and love their prompt service even when they accidentally sent me wrong floss ( which can happen to anyone). My orders have been here within a week. What a great store to have near you and talented nice staff.

    You have inspired me to finish an Anniversary Country Sampler that I started and put aside somewhere around 1989/1990. It’s about 2/3rds done. Thanks for encouragement and inspiration. Have a wonderful day from hot humid NC.

  5. I’m so happy you showed us your goodies from the retreat! You have some wonderful pieces to work on. Every time you stitch on these new pieces you will be reminded of the retreat and the fun you had. Blog readers were sweet to give you gift certificates so you could have some special memory purchases. Now to get busy stitching!

  6. Marty from Scottsdale

    What a nice getaway you had! Very special retreat, so many friends, and even two daughters! Love all the goodies you came home with.

  7. Barbara Saltou

    Hi Jo, This is the first time I’ve made a comment. I live in Utah but have relatives in Chester, Riceville & Waukon. I was there in September last year & went to the Stichery Nook, and met Liz. I’ve ordered several patterns from her & she is extremely nice. I also have ordered fabric and floss. I should tell you I ordered the small & Xtra small frame and love them. You are the one who instilled in me to pick up my cross stitch again. I know this is long so I’ll just say keep encouraging all of us.

  8. Jo, I purchased the pattern for Every Opening Flower after seeing it on this blog post. I cannot see to do linen so plan on using Aida. Would I then need to do two strands of floss or could I still use the one strand the pattern advises? Your cross stitch sampler posts got me back into cross stitch again!

    1. It matters the count of Aida you are using. If there are 14 stitches to an inch or 16, most people used two strands. If you use 18 count Aida, most people use one strand.

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