Hey all…You might have heard.  We are hosting a Bonnie Hunter retreat this summer.  If you didn’t know or haven’t heard, PLEASE DON”T SEND ME AN EMAIL ASKING TO COME!!

We have so many people on the list already that I am relatively sure we’ll be full.  If not, I’ll let you all know.

If you want an idea on how popular this all is, let me tell you this….Between Sunday and Wednesday at noon, I had already sent out EIGHT emails from people requesting to go.  Some of those were wanting to hold 2 or 3 spots so they could come with friends.

If you want another clue about it.  We’ve been keep a list of people wanting to go since 2014.  We get requests to be on the list ALL THE TIME.  In the last since months I’d say we get about two a week.  We feel bad as so many want to see Bonnie but the hard facts are this.  There is not enough room and not enough days to accommodate all who are interested.

Here is some information for those of you who just can’t wait for information.  The retreat will be held in Oelwein, Iowa.  There will two locations.  One is at LouAnn’s Quilt Garden and Retreat.  Here’s a tour I did of the shop awhile back.  Here is a review Bonnie did of LouAnn’s shop.

About 27 can lodge and sew here.

About two blocks down from the quilt shop is the Community Center.  You can see info about it here.  There will be about 60 sewing there.  We did everything we could to provide more people an opportunity to see Bonnie and this was the best way this could happen in our rural community.

People staying here will have to find their own lodging in the area.  We know that a few people might have to lodge in a neighboring town but again, this is the best we can do.

Now we’ve been getting tons of questions about how we are notifying people.  Here’s what I can tell you.

Last year we were going to hold a retreat and then my health made us cancel.  We had people signed up for that.  We gave them the option of leaving their money with us and that would guarentee them a spot at this retreat with Bonnie.  Those people were first in line.  They have received all of the information and are busy deciding which option they would prefer, the Retreat Center or the Community Center.

As soon as we get information from them we will then be sending it out to the next group of people.  That would be people who had their name on the list first.  That consists mostly of the people that attended the retreat last time in 2015.  We had about 57 people last time.  Not everyone opted to be on the list for this retreat but most did.

After that, we will start in on our list of people who emailed in 2014…then 2015…then 2016…then 2017.  CRAZY right?!?!

Kelli and I bust out laughing when people wonder if they can fill a retreat with enough people.  YEP.  We can.  Even Bonnie asked if we were sure we’d have enough people.  YES, yes we will and will have to turn many away.  Even if many people back out and decided they are no longer interested, I’m sure all we’d have to do is post something here and one of you will grab the seat.

We will be hosting a Quilt Trunk Show on August 4th during the retreat.  It will be held at the Williams Center in Oelwein.  We have a small vendor show planned at the same time at the center.  This will be open to the public.  Everyone is welcome.  It’s a great facility that can seat many.  Bonnie will be speaking and we are finalizing something with another amazingly talented quilter.  It should be a fun night.  Grab some girlfriends and road trip our way.  We’d love to see you!!

If you have emailed us in the past we have your information and you are on our list.  My advice for you is this:  When the email comes with your chance to register, do it immediately.  We have options to pay at once or in two installments.  All the details are in the email you will get.  The sooner you get back to Kelli the sooner the sooner your spot is guaranteed.  We are not waiting a long time in between mailings like we did last time.   Either you want to come and will respond as soon as possible or you don’t.  Obviously many people want that spot….There are many on the list who are from other countries and other states.  Many of them will be flying in and want to book flights.

Here’s the Oelwein group from last retreat.  Kelli and I getting excited to see these ladies and the West Union ladies again.


Please do not email Kelli or I about the retreat with questions until you have received your packet of information…we are bombarded right now!!  We love that you are all interested and excited too but please be patient.

If we do not get to your name we will let you know as soon as we know.  Thanks for understanding.

4 thoughts on “RETREAT NEWS”

  1. Dear Jo and Kelli,
    Don’t want to bother you, but I just can’t help myself. If there are no openings in this retreat, will there be a retreat in 2018 or 2019? I live in Iowa and would just love to have a class with Bonnie!

  2. I know the “Bonnie” classes book almost before they are announced. I lived in Mineola where Stitches n Heaven is and I finally got smart knowing it was useless to try to beat those with inside knowledge.

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