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I had it in my mind to write a blog post to tell you about the goodies I got at the cross stitch retreat. I know it’s been a bit since I’ve been there and I’ve been meaning to write about it. The pictures got buried and the other day when I was cleaning out some of my pictures I found them and that reminded me to write the blog post.

First off I want to say that you don’t have to bring any gifts when you go to a retreat. Some people do and some people don’t. Its your choice and no one makes you feel like you should have. It’s totally optional.

Some people bring stuff for everyone in attendance…some people bring things just for their table mates.

I thought I’d write a blog post to share the goodies and to give you ideas in case you attend a retreat and would like ideas for goodies.

Barb made these cute-cute needlebooks for everyone at our table. She made mine using Teresa Kogut’s Stitchy Bird fabric. It was so cute. Barb made them in different colors so everyone at the table could pick the color they liked.

When it opens, inside there were pockets. She included a nice scissors.

Mine was a stork head scissors to made the stitchy bird theme. She added all the fun details including a wool applique circle with a magnet hidden underneath. That way it can act as a needle minder. So thoughtful.

Inside was a page for needle, or counting pins made of quilt batting.

The back page was more wool applique.

Inside the back pocket was a foldable ort (leftover thread) holder. Yes, Barb made them too. In fact, she made ort holders like this for everyone who came to the retreat.

Here’s the back. Oh Barb. You went above and beyond. It was so cute!!

LeAnn was another tablemate. She bought Nashville Needlework Market cookbooks for everyone at our table.

This was so nice. I had thought about getting the book but didn’t this year. It’s filled with recipes and small cross-stitch patterns. So appreciated.

Me, I tried to come up with something that wasn’t super expensive and would be time-consuming to put together. I have such limited time nowadays.

I decided to put together a mini finishing kit.

I bought bags, charms, and cardstock from Amazon. Then I bough trims from Purple Paper Mountain on Etsy. They have reasonably priced trims for finishing. The one on the left is one yard for $1.95 and the one on the left is 3 yards for $1.95. I ended up ordering a blog so I could make each kit differently…and I made 24 kits so I was sure I had enough. That put me into the “buy 10 and get 20% off sale”.

You can find Purple Paper Mountain HERE on Etsy.

I cut the trims into one-yard lengths and wound them onto a bobbin. I put three of those in a bag along with a mixture of charms and pins that I regularly use.

I had all of these on hand. I use them for my own finishing and there is plenty that I will never use so it made sense to put these into the finished kits too. For example, there are 1000 gourd pins in a pack. I’ll never be able to use all fo them. Adding them to the finishing kits was a great idea. Here are the charms and pins I bought and shared in the gift bags. Rusty safety pins, keys, and charms.

Also gourd pins.

The kits were fun to put together and useful too. It might save someone else from having to buy the 1000-pack of gourd pins. HA. The other thing I liked was that I could give these for other retreats I go to. Even if someone gets more than one of these kits, they could still use it as long as they stitch some smalls that will likely get turned into pillows.

Again…it’s not necessary to bring gifts for other retreatgoers…it’s just that some do and I thought I’d give you a couple of ideas.

If you have good ideas for retreat favors, please share them. I have two more retreats I’m going to this year and am always looking for ideas.

7 thoughts on “Retreat Goodies”

  1. I’ve never been to a retreat. You make them sound like so much fun: new friends to meet, small gifts to share, and time to sew and chat with people who share your hobby–what luxury!!!

  2. Your bags were a really good idea. Sometimes I get too many of one thing and don’t know what to do with the extra. That needle book was pretty snazzy! Thanks for sharing these ideas.

  3. Such fun ideas for goodies. It is always so much fun to receive something cute and useful when getting together. Sorry, but I have no ideas for you – you are the creative one!!

  4. Hello! I loved the retreat goodies. Can you direct us to the needlebook pattern and directions – especially the foldable ort holder? The ort holder seems like a grand gift for my cross stitch group the Stitching Sisters Thanks so much. You are amazing. Blessings.
    Linda B

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