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Please, Please, Please, read through this entire post before you sign up, call or ask questions.  I’m an going to try to be a thorough as I can.

The Stitchery Nook in Osage, my local needlework shop, is hosting a retreat for fans of Jo’s Country Junction.  I will be attending as a participant.  I am not “in charge” of the retreat…I’m not doing the organization…I am not taking registrations.  I’ll be there just to have fun like the rest of you.

I am so blessed to be able to invite all of my closest cross stitch friends and that’s YOU!

The Stitchery Nook has a retreat center above the shop.  It sleeps 15 but has room for MANY more to stitch.  People attending who aren’t staying overnight in the retreat center will need to find accomodations elsewhere.  I have a friend that plans to attend.  She lives a half hour away so she’ll be driving back and forth.  There is a hotel in town…two actually.  The AmericInn and a Super 8.  I would recommend the AmericInn as a first choice but the Super 8 is okay too.  In a small town like this, you don’t need to worry about it being sketchy.  It might not look brand new but it’s safe.

As you read along remember there are TWO options…
1-staying overnight at the retreat center and stitching there during the day
2-stitching during the day at the retreat center and finding your own accomadations for overnight.

The dates of the retreat are:  July 28th-31st.  The shop opens at 9:30am so you can start arriving then on the 28th.  I believe the retreat goes to noonish on Sunday.  Most people want to be heading home by then so they are ready for Monday.

If you are staying at the retreat center with stitching room attached:
The cost is $300 plus tax.  This includes your lodging for three nights, classes and goodies and lunch on Friday and Saturday.

Here are some pictures of the retreat center.

Rooms have 4-5 beds per room.

Each room has it’s own bathroom plus there are two other bathrooms that are open for other stitchers to use.

This is the big room where we will all gather to stitch.  There will be banquet tables.  Two people will share a table.

The retreat center is above the quilt shop but don’t worry if stairs aren’t your thing.  They have an elevator.  This made me so happy as that means anyone can attend.

If you are stitching at the retreat center but making your own accomadations:
The cost is $150 plus tax.  This includes your spot to stitch at the retreat center during the day, classes and goodies and lunch on Friday and Saturday.  NO OVERNIGHT ACCOMADATIONS.

Plans for the retreat at no extra cost to you include:
Fun with Jackie from Waxing Moon Designs.  She’ll be designing a special chart for an ornament for our retreat.  You will get a kit sent to you advance of the retreat.  If you have time, stitch it up before class and the Liz from The Stitchery Nook will host a finishing class.  Supplies will be there so you can finish yours so you’ll go home with a finished ornament.  YAHOO!!

Lunch will be provided on Friday and Saturday.  Evening meals and breakfast will be on your own.  There are several local restaurants in town…or bring your own food from home.

You are welcome to come and go at your leisure.  If you feel like exploring the town one day, that’s entirely up to you.  This is your vacation and you can choose how you want to spend your time.

Please don’t feel afraid to come by yourself.  In no time at all, you’ll have friends and people to dine in the evening with.  If for some crazy reason you don’t get involved in a group, come find me.  You are totally welcome to eat with whoever I’m eating with!  I love meeting new people and love getting to know fellow stitchers.  I am telling you about my life every day you read the blog, I really want to learn more about blog readers…so please, introduce yourself.

I’ve not been to a cross stitch retreat.  I’ve only been to one quilting retreat that I wasn’t a guest teacher at.  I don’t have tons of retreat experience but that’s not stopping me from going.  Let’s get some retreat experience together and if you’re a retreat pro, that’s great too.  You can teach us the ropes.

How to get registered:
The Stitchery Nook is taking all of the reservations.  That is where you need to call.  Reservations are being taken by phone only…no emails, no texts…actual phone calls only.  When you call have a credit card ready.  You will be required to put down a non-refundable deposit of $50.  The rest can be paid on the day you come.
Here is the phone number:  (641) 732-5329
Be ready to tell Liz about preference as far as staying at the retreat center or making your own accomodations.

I anticipate spots filling up fast so I highly suggest calling in and booking your spot ASAP.  After you are registered, call the hotel and get that booked.  If booking at the AmericInn, please tell them you are part of the retreat.  We have a block of rooms reserved.

As far as anything beyond what I’ve written, I don’t know.  Liz or Sherri at The Stitchery Nook will know though.  Just call the shop and they will be a big help.  You’re going to love getting to know them.

I’m super excited and can’t wait to meet many of you.  If you can’t attend, no worries…We’ll likely do this again if everything goes well and I really hope to take lots of pictures and share them with you all here on the blog.

Again, here is the phone number:  (641) 732-5329.  Calling the phone number is the only way you can get registered.

10 thoughts on “Retreat Details and Sign Up”

  1. Just a heads up RAGBRAI is in the area that week. Thursday, July 28 Mason City to Charles City; Friday, July 29, Charles City to West Union; Saturday, July 30, West Union to Lansing. There will lots of traffic in the area, bikes and other traffic. Hotels fill up fast in close by towns.

    1. Thanks for that reminder. Hopefully I get to Osage before any bike traffic gets in the area. That gets really hard to navigate through.

  2. Oh how I wish I could attend. It’s the first time we are taking a vacation with our kids and grandkids. If sounds like a wonderful time.

  3. I’m signed up and so excited! Can’t wait! My 1st ever cross stitch retreat. I’ve been to lots of quilting retreats. Looking forward to seeing Jo again and meeting lots of new friends. I will be staying in the retreat center.

    So if any of you have advice for a 1st time XS retreater – please share.


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