Retreat Day Three

When I was at retreat I had a little trouble with the internet working to publish a blog post.  I fretted about it a bit and then Deb said, “You are at retreat.  Don’t worry about the blog.”  Well I listened to her.  I took pictures and decided I’d write about it all once I got home and had internet like I’m used to having.

Before I get writing the post, I had to show you these….Mint buttons and spool cookies.  Charnette brought them and oh my…YUMMY!!  We were all calling her the cookie fairy.  We had lots of other good food too.

One thing that is fun about retreat is watching the design walls grow.  Moth in the Window….

En Provence….

Points of Interest…

Another Moth in the Window….

Even at tables projects grew.  Here’s Linda’s fun project.

We had show and tell on Saturday afternoon.  Here’s Connie with her Rail Fence quilt.

This is Deb.  She is showing off a Birch Tree Quilt designed by Crazy Mom.

Check out her machine quilting WOW.  WOW.  WOW!!

Deb also shared her Spider Web quilt that she started at last year’s retreat.

Another fun one for Kelli and I to see was her Thanks to YOU! quilt.  It’s a quilt from our book Country Girl Modern.  This was one of the quilts that we taught in 2015 at the retreat.  LOVE IT!!

Points of Interest quilts were the most popular at show and tell.  Here is Charnette with hers.  I love the brown background.  Wonderful!!

This is Heather’s…smaller and oh so cute.

Check the amazing matching border she found for it.

Here’s Linda’s.  She made her’s in Christmas colors.  There wasn’t one that I didn’t love.  It’s so fun to know that I’m the designer and so far, I’ve loved every version I’ve seen.  I love seeing people take our pattern and turning it into their own.  To be completely honest, I’ve loved everyone else’s version better than ours!!

For anyone wondering…Points of Interest was published in American Patchwork and Quilting the 2017 issue.

Other fun quilts came…Easy Street by Nell.

A spider web in Halloween from Jill.

Charnette with a Spider Web as well.

We had a special guest at Show and Tell…

Kalissa had come and dropped off the T-shirts.  She had Carver with so he had to come in and see the ladies.  He “did show and tell”….He showed off his favorite “blankie”.  It’s the one Kayla made for him.

It was awesome to see everyone’s projects!!  I love that so many of the projects were the same patterns but each person’s individual taste.  Seeing the variety is inspiring….I’ll tell you about other popular things at the retreat tomorrow….I’ll tell you about plans we’re making….I’ll tell you what I thought about retreating as a whole, after all, it was my first real retreat.

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  1. Well, at least my elbow looks skinny! HA! I ate LOTS of the spool cookies! Mom and I were “recognized” as quilters in the gas station on the way home thanks to the t-shirt about buying fabric. . .

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