Retreat Day 2

Day two of retreat was Thursday.  Connie, Kayla and I are sewing in one spot tending the garage sale…the other gals are sewing real close by next door.


I started my day determined to get my block of the month blocks done.

Kelli had to work in the morning so wasn’t supposed to arrive until noonish.  I was pedal to the metal trying to finish those before she arrived.

While I was working on this, Kayla was busy doing this….

Connie was working on a super cute cup caddy that she ended up gifting to Kayla.

Once Kelli arrived it was pedal to the metal for her.  She is working on a Bricks in the Barnyard quilt done in upcycled shirts.

Being we are two different rooms, we don’t get to see everyone all the time so Nell came over to do some ironing….Nell’s always so fun.  I loved getting a chance to catch up with her!

Kelli got all of her half square triangles sewn so she’ll be pressing and pressing today.

Kayla gave up on sewing for a bit and went to crocheting.

Connie got busy and started cutting out her Double Wedding Ring quilt.  She is putting a very pretty limey green as the background.  Nell swooped in and grabbed her left overs.

In the evening I finally finished my Bricks in the Barnyard quilt.  The lighting wasn’t the best.  It was late and the area where I laid it our was dark.  I’ll get a good picture at home and do a retreat recap.

That’s it for today’s update.  The internet is a little fussy so it’s a short post…besides..I don’t want to spend my retreat time here on the internet.  The sewing machine is calling!!

7 thoughts on “Retreat Day 2”

  1. I love that quilt…looks like many hours of work but worth it…Curious if you mitered the corners or blunted each side (hope you understand my question). Looks like a fun day!

  2. Carolyn in Texas

    Thanks for letting us tag along to see what’s happening at the retreat. I love your quilt! I like Kayla’s idea of a timeout, but still busy. Smart lady she is!

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