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So our family has this thing with Ranch Dressing.  We love it…we actually love it a lot….well, that’s not quite true.  We love the Ranch that the local bar serves with its combination platter.  We all believe it is different from the Ranch you get in any bottle at the grocery store.

Well prior to Christmas, Kelli, our daughter,  ordered from a pizza place in Decorah and they had the same Ranch.  Up to that date, Kelli had been having lots of trouble with morning sickness (or rather an all-day sickness) with her pregnancy.  That has since been some better but, the Ranch was something she could tolerate.  She ended up writing a request on her Facebook wall and asked anyone if they knew the recipe for the Ranch at the restaurant.

A couple of people replied.  All said the key to the recipe was this packet of Ranch…

10 BEST Uses for Ranch Dressing

Notice it says “Restaurant-Style Dressing”?  It’s different than you typically see in the grocery store.

They all said to use… THIS RECIPE.  The link hasn’t been working.  I tried fixing it.  Try this by copy-pasting it.

Kelli was so sweet and for Christmas, she made a batch and put it in these nice containers for us for Christmas.

We are really practical gifters and seriously, I loved this for a gift and will be making it on a regular basis from now on.  Each of us who got one was so happy with the gift!  Yep, we’re restaurant Ranch lovers, what can I say?

I sure didn’t even know there were different versions of Hidden Valley.  I know now, and I also know that this is my favorite.

If you can’t find this packet at your local grocery, I think you can get it HERE on Amazon.

So if you’ve loved Ranch from restaurants better than Ranch in the grocery store, give this a try.

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    1. We ‘make’ our own buttermilk with milk and vinegar. Many people say they can taste the difference but once you add in the ranch. . .

    2. Lois Hendrickson

      My local store sells 1cup cartons, the size of school milk containers. Maybe you could request this. It is very handy.

  1. This is interesting! We have a restaurant that makes their own and it’s really good. I’m going to try this. We think this restaurant adds some dill to theirs too.

  2. There is a powdered buttermilk product available in grocery stores. All you do is add water and you have buttermilk. It is a great product to have on hand. The name is “From the Saco Pantry”. Cultured Buttermilk. Product. Kept refrigerated it lasts indefinitely. I have used it for years in baking and cooking.

  3. I think it is wonderful that your family members exchange thoughtful, practical gifts! I’d much rather receive something that I can use and enjoy than have someone spend money on something that ends up in a closet or donated

  4. I am highly allergic to MSG. With MSG is bitter tasting to me and causes painful burning on my tongue and throat. Hidden Valley Ranch is the most bitter tasting and painful dressing on the market. All because they put MSG in the products. I have contacted the company and inquired if they had products without MSG? They do not. I can not eat out or at other people’s houses because they might use products with MSG because of my allergy to MSG.

    1. I have the same situation with msg. I have become very ill over ingesting the stuff! One time a cousin handed me her Pepsi and told me to chug it! The caffeine was the antidote.

  5. Buttermilk freezes perfectly! That’s what I do with any extra. I actually measure it before I freeze it and write that amount on the container so I will know how much is left

      1. Thank you Jo
        In case anyone else has a problem–I had to type the address you posted in order to get the page to open. As a link it didn’t work.

  6. Cheryl in Dallas

    Oh, great. Another product I will be looking for in every grocery store I go into. I LOVE restaurant Ranch salad dressing, and it is different from what I buy in stores or make at home.

    P. S. I’ve been looking for Fanta for ages, and can only find the orange flavor. I want all varieties, but can’t find it in Texas, New Mexico, or Arizona.

  7. I love it. Years ago my husband talked Black-eyed Pea into selling him a gallon of their ranch dressing to him. He gave it to me for Christmas that year.

  8. I have used this mix for years. It has been a favorite in our house, the tartness of the buttermilk is the secret ingredient. Hands down, it’s the best ranch dressing!

  9. My mom always made it with half mayo, half sour cream, it was thick. Great for dipping, not so much for actual salad dressing. This looks like a better ratio. Thanks!

  10. I remember in high school, one of my friends had a birthday party. Her mom had made ranch dip and veggies; the first time I had it, and most of the other girls. We all thought it was sooo good! I’ve been making my own ranch dressing, and it is so much better than bottled. I usually add extra garlic powder and dill. Yum!!

  11. Can you tell us where you found the restaurant style mix? The link to Amazon is for only one packet. Many commenters were not happy about the price. Thank you.

  12. Freeze it! I freeze all sorts of dairy products & find very little difference after thawing. The one possible exception is cream cheese. That can get a little grainy looking and spoil a truly smooth sauce, dessert, etc if you’re prone to worry about that sort of thing. Personally, I’d use the frozen, money saving variety for everyday use & buy fresh, never frozen cream cheese when you absolutely HAVE to impress someone!

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