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Another week…more pups. Some going out and some coming in. Here’s the latest.

First off you might remember the puppies that were lab and pitbull cross…the one ones where the owner called me in the middle of the night?? Well, the vet office that I work at has been adopting them out being we had trouble finding a rescue who would take them. On Tuesday we were down to three puppies and when I left work on Wednesday we had one left and someone was coming to meet it the next day.

They were a fun bunch of pups at the end. They thrived once they got to a place where someone could feed them quality food and keep them clean. I hope we don’t have to do that again but I am thankful that if we have to, I know we can.

The mom and dad have appointments to be fixed next week. The rescue I volunteer with has offered to pay that bill. I am so thankful for that too.

A kind blog reader sent a card to the vet clinic. She included a check to help cover the expenses for the puppies. WOW! Everyone in the clinic was blown away by her generosity. Thank you so much. We all appreciate your kindness.

I came home and there was another card and another check for me to use towards expenses I have with the rescue. Thank you so much!! I was running low on puppy pads so will get some of those. I’ll put the rest of the money aside and use it when another need arises. I was so surprised and thankful.

I told you that ended up fostering two pups from the Star Wars litter. This was Chewie…

and this is Princess Leia.

These two initially made my life miserable. Leia barked ALL NIGHT LONG the first night. Chewie chimed in occasionally. I could have cried. I had very little sleep. The second night I put Leia in the garage (it’s heated) and I put a quilt over her kennel. I put Chewie in the kennel next to my bed. Chewie was the perfect angel. Leia barked all night long. Even with her in the garage with a quilt over her and me in an upstairs bedroom, I could still hear her. That high-pitched bark was like nails on a chalkboard. The next night I put her in the small kennel next to my bed with Chewie. That worked. We all slept soundly. Chewie left the next day and then it was just Leia. I was sure we were going to go back to the terrible barking…she didn’t she’s been a good girl ever since.

Initially, just because of the barking and the lack of sleep on my part, I was not a Leia fan. I can honestly say she was likely in the top five of least favorite pups that I’ve fostered…likely in the top two.

That’s all changed. After Chewie left she calmed down. She came to the rescue as a pretty skittish pup, afraid of people and sudden movements. I’ve been taking her to work with me and that has been helpful.

I kept her leash on her all the time when she is in the house. That’s for two reasons. One…she gets familiar with it when walking and two…she would hide under the table or behind things when it was time to catch her. With the leash on, I could always catch her.

Now we’re friends…too good of friends. Hopefully, she finds a home soon because I’m getting rather attached. Somehow the little sneak has gone from one of my least favorite dogs to one of my favorite dogs. Oh my.

Leia did have an adopter but at the last second the family changed their mind about getting another dog.

In the meantime, more pups have come to the rescue…these three King Charles Cavelier pups…All boys…all six months old from the same litter.

I believe they all have homes already.

We also got in a trio of lab cross puppies…

Being Leia was still with me, I didn’t have a part in the care of these.

Can you believe all the puppies we’ve had at the foster and the group from the vet clinic? I can’t even keep track of all of the pups anymore. It’s just crazy.

I’ve been asked about fostering this guy. He’s an 11-month-old Corgi. He isn’t fixed and isn’t getting along in his pack right now. I think getting him fixed and into a home that has more individual time for him would be helpful. He is an owner surrender not a puppy mill dog like the rest.

This picture is of him when he was younger.

Right now I am on hold…I need to find a home for Leia before I can foster anyone else.

She really needs to find a home, as I said, I’m getting a little too attached. All I can say is…if she never finds a home, that okay. But, I can’t do that…or else I can’t help other dogs that need help. Having three dogs and fostering on top of that would be too much.

That’s the latest rescue update. As always, if you’re wanting to adopt one of the rescue pups, fill out an application at HEART Rescue Team website which you can find HERE.

11 thoughts on “Rescue Update”

  1. Jo, dog trainer I’ve worked with suggested crating a puppy and putting the crate next to you at night. First two pups I had- didn’t do that and it was terrible. This pup- tried the idea and she slept the 1st night. ( other than potty breaks!) Thanks for all you do-

  2. Oh my it’s hard to keep scrolling… The black lab by itself is adorable!
    I’m sure they will get adopted very quickly. Strange how so many pups keep showing up. People must really be going through hard times. Glad the pups have someone like you who goes above and beyond to care. When we lived near Topeka we adopt 2 dogs and moved to Co and found a stray pup on the highway.So our pups of two became 5 very fast.They have all gone on to Rainbow Bridge to wait for us. They were the Best bunch ever. Our current lab came from a huge litter. We had a toy stuffed puppy dog that she used to sleep with.She was very lonely as a baby.My shepherd was a death row rescue. All my pups have been the Best “People” I’ve ever known. Bless you Jo for sharing your time with them. They have no “voice” otherwise.

  3. Oh so many cute dogs! It is wonderful that the batch of dogs your vet office took are adopted. So sad when so many dogs are surrendered, but I guess it is better to think that it is a good thing since so many of them haven’t been cared for properly. Dogs are like people – need nourishment and love.

  4. I love all the rescue stories! ❤ Good luck with your diet and treatment. You are so amazingly courageous. I am full of admiration for how you go through this.

  5. I would love to adopt 1 of the King Charles puppies. Are they still available? BTW, where do you live. I live in Florida about 45min-to 1hr. from Disney. Please send message about the king charles Cavalier puppies. Thanks Gayle

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