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Today I am tackling some of the questions and comments from the comment section…

From Sue:
“Question for Jo or anyone else out there. What type of batting do you use for the charity quilts? And where do you buy it? I am looking for a source for charity quilts that won’t break the bank for our little quilt group.”

I use Pellon brand that is 80/20 blend. I get it at Walmart online. Delivery is always free. The price doesn’t fluctuate from sale price to regular price making is easy so I don’t have to deal with timing on when to buy. I go to Walmart online and type in “batting by the roll 80/20”. HERE is the link. Right now it is about $5.88 per yard.

From Donna:
“My comment is actually for Jerry – what dog breed is his black dog? My son’s dog is his dogs twin!!”

Jerry says his black dog Lassie in a schipperke but I am thinking she might be part pomeranian. Her hair seems longer and she has a fluffy long tail. Either way, she’s a nice dog.

From Ellie:
“Hope your shoulder is better soon! Is this like the trouble you had with your shoulder several years ago?”

Wow Ellie…great memory you have. YES. This is the same shoulder. I went to the chiropractor again and it turns out I have a rib out of place. I have to be careful at the chiropractor as my lower back can’t be adjusted because of cancer…this making it harder for this all to go in place. UGH. We’re working on it and as of the last adjustment it’s better….but two weeks of a rib being out is not fun and everything remains sore.

From Pamela:
“I have enjoyed your blog since I found it. Thank you for sharing your life and sewing projects. Everything you do is creative and wonderful. Your binding looked perfect on the quilt. Would you share how you do your binding with us? Also, can you point out to me where I can find the directions for the little 9 patch. They are so darn cute. Thank you for being an inspiration.”

Pamela…welcome. Welcome to anyone else who is new. I have shared how I do my binding in this video…Just hit play to watch.

Here is the video that shows how I do the strip nine patch blocks…again, just hit play to watch.

For more information on the Tiny Nine Patch Challenge, GO HERE.

From Wilma:
“I’m still working on Bonnie Hunter’s Perkiomen Dreams. I have 180 of the 400 blocks (25 one inch squares each) complete! “

What a job to tackle that quilt Wilma!!

My daughter Kelli and made two…then made two more. WOW!! You can read about the first two HERE.

What a fun time we had making these. I hope seeing them is an inspiration for you!!

That’s the my comments on the comment section. I really do read all of the comments. It’s actually the quickest way to get to me…thanks for commenting all of you do! Also take this as a reminder to read the comments…there is always something interesting there.

13 thoughts on “Replies to the Comment Section”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    That’s one thing I am sure to do when reading your vlog. You and the comments have helped me often when sewing. Especially the binding one. I was desperate and that binding piece came up. Thank you for sharing what you’re doing. It made finishing quilts so much easier.

  2. I have watched your tiny 9 patch video several times over the past couple of months. Your process sure does make the making them go faster. I have had trouble with some when ripping that one square off, the fabric ripped on a couple of squares and it was Thimbleberries fabric that should not have ripped. So, I have to be very very careful with that. I am doing the 3 inch finished 9 patches vs your 1 1/2 inch ones. That makes more stitches to rip out when tearing off that square. Posting this for others making the bigger size to know so they don’t waste some good fabric.

    I started cutting squares and sewing some together for the perkiomen quilt back when the book first came out. I don’t know if I will ever finish mine because there are so many other projects that keep getting in the way. LOL!

  3. Jo,
    I buy my 80/20 Hobbs batting from Marshall Dry Goods and it is actually cheaper than Walmart. You might want to check that out!

    1. Just checked MDG Hobbs 80/20 is $160 for 30yds. But shipping is $40.
      I order mine from Joann’s. Often times the rolls are on sale and not a door busted so you can add a coupon besides. They also have a 6yd option of 90inch that is on a bolt. When these bolts are on sale and an additional coupon can be used they are less than $5 a yd.
      I actually prefers these bolts as I can cut off what need using me cutting mat.

      1. Just checked Joann’s the 90″ 20yd roll of 80/20 pellon batting is $89.99 with free shipping as a door buster!

  4. Kathleen in Deep South Mississippi

    You have been dating Jerry long enough that I have some Grandma questions for him. Who are his people? Where does he live? Where does he work and what does he do? How long has he worked there. How long has he had his dogs? What kinds of activities does he like? What is the first thing he liked about you?

    That’s about as much as I’d ask my grand/great grand children’s boyfriends/girlfriends the first time. And I have a rule, I don’t “get to know” their friends until after six months. There’s too much turnover. Maybe you should do a Q/A on Jerry.

  5. Hi Jo, I am doing the tiny 9 patch challenge as well. I am doing the 1 inch version and when I used your method I have found them to be much more accurate and not so wonky. I have been making quilts for more than 40 years and I find the biggest challenge by far is keeping the 1/4 inch seam allowance consistent. Thank you for all you do and I think about your struggles often and send many prayers your way. Your family is so special and I can’t wait to see how amazing your grandchildren will be as they get older. I am from Canada and wish we could meet someday, but it likely isn’t going to happen. So happy you have a special man in your life again, you deserve the best.

  6. Jerry’s dog looks just like the dog we had when I was little. She was part cocker spaniel and who knows what else. But she looked exactly like Jerry’s dog and was a nice dog.

  7. I love that picture of Jerry. Obviously, you are taking the photo because he has the look of love on his face! He eyes are just sparkling!

  8. Jo, you are amazing! Thank you for re-answering our questions!!! I am so happy for both you and Jerry. What a blessing each of you must be to one another. Love your blog and keeping us in your life. Thank you! As for the batting you purchase it is great to work with as that’s what you sent me and was a true blessing. Again thank you for giving so freely!

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