Well I counted out my Pineapple Crazy blocks.  I’m just over half way finished with them.  I found I was starting to run out of color variety.

I was especially short on oranges and greens….

But after I had them all replenished then I seemed to be short of other colors so I cut up fabric that was recently gifted to me and then headed into my own stash.

I think I’ll be able to sew quite awhile now without being short on anything.  I am going to try to see how far I can get before I have to dig for more scraps.  I already know that the next things I’ll need it white/neutrals.  These little blocks take LOTS of them.

I’m doing really good so far this week.  I’m hoping I’ll have my most blocks ever done in a week!  Stop back on Monday and I’ll report back in so you can see if I broke my record.

5 thoughts on “Replenishing”

  1. One of these quilts was at the Paducah show yesterday. The comment I heard were “wow, that is a lot of pieces”. Had a triangle border on it.

  2. Fun to use up all the small stuff. My Mother use to throw it away and I have been known to get into her garbage to retrieve scraps. LOL Chris

  3. Love your pineapple blocks. I might try this pattern someday to use up scraps. I normally just make little 3″ finished 9-patches. Enjoy your posts. You are so fortunate to have your daughter close by.

  4. Gosh I just love your mix of colors on these blocks–I am about to embark on my Big Pineapple journey soon and am deciding what color(s) to use….hugs, Julierose

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