Renewing: Low Carbs.

A year and a half ago, I went to the doctor and was told to loose some weight and eat like I’m diabetic.  Technically I am not a full fledge diabetic but I need to keep a handle on my blood sugar or I will be.  My doctor had suggested a low carb diet.  I said, “Atkins.”  She said, “Sure.”   So Atkins it was.

I was a good girl…lost 35 pounds, became more dedicated to walking and was going in the right direction for 15 months.


Then this winter came and I gained 10 pounds.  (yes honestly 10.  not 11.  not 9 either…10)  UGH!  I know.  I got lax.  I quit being careful and I started to have a glass of wine a little more often….and a few desserts a little more often..a little bigger serving size….  I hate walking on my treadmill so I was down to walking three times a week vs my previous six times a week.  I just got into a SLUMP.

Well….spring is here and I’m back on track!  I got out the old books that previously inspired me and I’m looking for inspiration yet again.  So far three pounds have fallen to the “weigh”side….hopefully the other seven will go there too.  Heck I am actually going for 15 pounds all together.  I always seem to get in the dull-drums in the winter and I can tell with spring here….I am just so much more active and have a much better attitude.

If you’re wondering what books are in the stack….here they are:
Atkins for Life: The Complete Controlled Carb Program for Permanent Weight Loss and Good Health
Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It

The top one is a magazine called Reverse Diabetes…that just came from the checkout stand.

I think my other problem is that I didn’t follow through with Atkins.  I lost the pounds and didn’t actually practice maintenance.  Reading the first two chapters didn’t make me a master….I am reading the whole book now.  My hubby lost 15 pounds over the winter doing low carb.  I really think for people that have blood sugar issues, low carbs is it.  If you need to loose weight and haven’t tried low carbs…let me tell you this.  It’s the only diet I’ve ever done that doesn’t leave me hungry and doesn’t give me head aches.   BY FAR, for me it was the fastest for loosing….so wish me luck or if you’re so inclined, join me!

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  1. My husband is in the same boat as you. His doctor told him to lay off the card and follow South Beach or Atkins. The only issue is my husband has a major sweet tooth and has only so much will power. It is kind of left up to me to keep him “un-diabetic” which I hate, but what is a wife to do. I try, but as yet am not real good at this. I don’t have the Atkins book but do have the SB. Have you ever compared the two?

  2. Your entry caught my eye because we are on the same track here. I lost 42pounds last year (from May til Christmas), then I “fell off the wagon” so to speak. I gained 6 pounds back and have had a hard time taking those back off (3 pounds so far) and in short, just getting back to a healthier eating pattern and walking everyday at least a mile. But, I am determined to take off at least another 20 pounds this year so I have been working hard the past two weeks to stay on track. It is hard. I don’t follow Atkins, but I do watch my carb intake and now am tracking what I eat every day to make myself more aware. Thanks for the post and the boost to my incentive. Bernie

  3. This is a sign!!! I went for my 6 mo. blood work today. I know my A1C number will not be good. I’m very pre-diabetic. I gained 6 pounds over the winter, had an extra glass of wine occasionally, too much chocolate, etc…. I’m starting the low-carb & the tread-mill TOMORROW!!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I agree, low carb for diabetes is the only way to go…though the American Diabetes Association would disagree. Maybe the drug companies pay them off to keep us all on all kinds of drugs??
    Anyway, I lost 44 lbs. on low carb 7-8 yrs. ago. Unfortunately I fell off the wagon and gained a bunch back. Even with low carb it’s not so easy the second time around and my blood sugar readings are telling me I need to go back to it…for serious, not just “kind of” doing it.

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