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Since we’ve been working on the house, I’ve gotten so many comments and notes from readers saying how they love to read about the remodel-or I have gotten notes telling me to check out this blog or that blog as the authors of those blogs are also remodeling a house.

I’ve gotten so that I too like house remodeling blogs.  One that was mentioned to me is Front Porch Indiana.  That inspired me to look for more.

I love this one, Old Houses.  It’s filled with lots of houses…many classic Victorians that are being remodeled.  I am sure some of you might want to check it out.  I’m going to warn you though.  It’s a little like Pinterest.  I need to set a timer before I go there as it is a huge time sucker.

I have even had some fun with going to google and typing in “remodeling house before and after”.  That has lead me to some fun places.  I have to say though, sometimes I just cringe at the changes.  I love wood and woodwork.  I can’t imagine painting it ever.  I also can’t imagine putting carpet over hard wood floors.  Neither of those things is going to happen at my house.

We are at the point (already) at our house that we think it will never get done.  We are still so busy destructing that the dream of reconstructing is still pretty far off.  Seeing all of the before and after pictures really has me thinking there is hope for our house yet.

Later this week I’ll try to give you a sneak peek at the inside floor plan…and yep.  We are tweaking it already.

If you know of any house remodeling blogs that you’d like to share, please leave a link to them in the comment section.  I’d love to take a look.

4 thoughts on “Remodeling Houses…”

  1. I haven’t read it in forever, but the early posts at are absolutely amazing. When she bought her house it was truly awful — beyond anything that you or I would even imagine tackling. I absolutely love her attitude, except she makes me feel like such a wimp.

    There are some before and after pictures here — — easier to digest than reading through the whole blog. And they’ll show why I read the whole thing a couple of years back.

  2. I am right there with you. We get one small project done at a time. Outdoor things, and garden when the weather is nice. When the weather gets colder it is inside stuff.

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