Reminder and HELP!!!

First off a BIG reminder that we will be going LIVE on Facebook tonight at 7 pm. We’re talking shirts, hanging out, and answering all the questions. So often Kalissa is behind the camera and not on the picture side. Tonight she’ll be doing double duty. We’re hoping Craig gets off the farm in time to watch the boys but if not, we might have a grandkid or two make an appearance.

Please leave any questions you might have in the comments or ask them while we are doing the live.

We are recording it so if the 7 pm time doesn’t work for you…no problem. You can find and watch it on either Facebook on my Jo’s Country Junction page or on my Youtube channel. We want to do our best to serve all of our views so are offering it on both platforms.

This is going to be a short post as the bus is coming and I don’t have a snack ready for the kiddos…but I do want to take the time to ask you a favor. As many of you know we’re having trouble with the blog. Many people have written to me to let me know when they try to access a post, they are getting some mumbo-jumbo that isn’t readable. We are trying to troubleshoot this but it’s really hard. We need to narrow down who is having the problem and when.

Many of you take for granted how you view the blog and assume others view it the same way. Not true. People are reading from IPads, phones, and desktops. They are getting there directly, through the newsletter and from Facebook. They are using different browsers such as Chrome or Safari.

We put together a little questionnaire with 6 questions…most are just click-the-box style questions so we can try to isolate the problem. Maybe with is only with Chrome users. Maybe this is only with Facebook users.

If we know then we’ll have a better idea on how to tackle the problem. As I said, we are so thankful for how patient you are all being.

We did try something new today that did give the blog a bit of a difference with the hope that might fit it.

HERE is the link to the questionnaire. It would mean so much to me and the success of my blog if you could fill it out. Truly, it will only take about 3 minutes.

Thanks so very much.

14 thoughts on “Reminder and HELP!!!”

  1. I get my blog notifications through Feedly and on some, yours for one, go to the real blog page. Sometimes when I click over to your blog page I get the gobbley-gook (html code). Last time it happened I cleared my cache, went back to Feedly, your post and clicked through to your blog page and everything worked as it should. I use the Chrome browser.

    1. I’m using Feedly as well. Ditto for me on this particular post and several others recently – it just displays what looks like a small portion of code. Like Linda, sometimes it’s fine through Feedly, other times not. It is displaying just fine when I used Safari and went directly to your website.

  2. I don’t have a google account so I can’t fill out the questionnaire.
    I read your blog on my laptop. Your blog is in my bookmarks. I use Firefox as my browser. Live in the US. Have not encountered any problems – wording or otherwise.
    Hope you get things worked out. Technology can be frustrating.

    Teresa F.

  3. I took the survey but forgot to write in the comment section that I was experiencing issues with the blog. I use safari on the iPhone and navigate directly to the website from safari. I’m getting what looks like code when I click get button to read more. I see the updates to the blog tonight but I’m still having the issue despite the updates. I’m sorry the blog is having issues you guys have to fix. Technology issues are just the worst.

  4. Tonight when I try to go to Notion Review, it comes up as code. All of the rest are fine. Chrome on Android tablet direct to Jo’s Junction.

  5. I only recently started receiving your blog posts again. I also get the gobbledee-gook when I click on the link, but I hit the “temporarily allow” and it goes to the post. I use Google Chrome. I am not too tech savvy but it works for me, at least so far.

  6. I hv tried to read the last 4 “jo posts” on utube. Only getting gibberish, i think i hv lost you. I’m sorry as i greatly enjoy your life. Sorry to see you gone from mine. I probably can’t figure out the computer stuff, don’t have one & couldn’t figure out if i did. I enjoyed you & family, take care & all be well.

  7. Rebecca Burch

    The past few days, I get code on almost all youri ks. I know you’ve been having trouble with your site so just thought I’d let you know.

  8. I finally could read this blog post. I got to the blog by typing in jo’s country junction in Google search. Your whole nlog came up. What is interesting is that Ray’s post was gibberish. The other posts are ok. I am on an android phone using Chrome.

  9. Post of Ray’s beautiful quilts, pictures only. Hit ‘read more’ but does not come up. Hopefully read more another day. Frustrating for all! Cheers, Dot.

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