Remember My Pincushion??

So you remember the little pincushion and pattern I wrote about here a week or two ago??  This one?

If you missed it, you can find the free pattern here.

Well Evie over at Sewing for Sophia out did mine!!  She added to the design by embroidering on each of the squares.  Now she can keep her needles sorted out.

Brilliant idea right?  Thanks so much for sharing your idea Evie.  I love it and now I might just have to go make another one…with embroidery this time!

Check out Evie’s idea on her blog, Sewing 4 Sofia.

1 thought on “Remember My Pincushion??”

  1. Jo…Thank you sooo much:):)
    I cant express how happy I am that you like it:):)
    I love your 4 square pincushion its my favorite item :):)
    best wishes Evie

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