Reliving the Past

Last weekend Karl asked me on a date.  The theater in Cresco had decided to open but there are no movies available to they are playing some classics until the big box office movies make their way back to the theaters.

Up for date night with Karl was Jurassic Park.

I was SUPER hesitant to go.  Karl wanted to go really bad and Karl and I are the moviegoers of the family.  We depend on each other to be the date.

We ended up looking up to see what days it would be playing.  It turns out it was scheduled to be there all week.  I told Karl I would try to go but I’d have to go on Monday as I was sure there wouldn’t be as many people on Monday.

I’m trying to get out a little more but still make good choices.  I told Karl if there seemed like a lot of people there, I’d skip the movie and drive back home.  He was okay with that.

We got to the theater, went in, and we were two of 11 people who were there.  We both felt really comfortable with that.  All of the groups of people were really spread out …way more than the 6 feet of social distance.

So what did we think of the movie…..
of course we loved it!!  Who wouldn’t love seeing the classic in the theater again.

Karl was a dinosaur nut as a kid.  He was only six month old when the movie came to theaters so he has never seen it on the big screen.  We did however buy a VHS version of it for him as a kid and he spent hours and hours watching it.

As a kindergartener he could spew all sorts of dinosaur information and facts out.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a kid so obsessed.  In fact one time in the grocery store a retire teacher from school stopped me and told me this story about Karl.  The retired teacher was subbing at school one day.  She was on the playground doing recess duty and Karl came up to her and started talking about dinosaurs.  She ended up asking him what his favorite dinosaur was.  He said, “micropachycephalosaurus.  Do you want me to spell that for you?  m-i-c-r-o-p-a-c-h-c-e-p-h-a-l-o-s-a-u-r-u-s.”  Karl was a kindergartener.  Yep, he was that nerdy about dinosaurs.

To this day one of Karl’s favorite lines when meeting people is to ask them what their favorite dinosaur is…He’s such a fun guy.

Coming up at the theater south of us is Grease.  That was the movie my tween-age self remembers seeing at the theater.  (it’s still one of my favorite all time movies).  They are only offering the movie on the weekend and I’m afraid then the theater would be to full…so I guess I’ll just have to remember my original time seeing it at the theater.

We had a great time at the theater watching Jurassic Park…and yes, I jumped at the scene with the raptor in the generator room.  Karl got a big laugh on me jumping.  I love Karl as a grown adult man but I have to say sometimes as a mom, I miss the little boy he was.  Going to Jurassic Park with him was the best of both worlds.  I had my little boy who was crazy about dinosaurs and the grown adult man bought my movie ticket.  It was the best!!

9 thoughts on “Reliving the Past”

  1. Love that you got to go out together.

    I’m registered blind with a side helping of Charles Bonnet Syndrome (basically my brain fills in what it thinks should be there). I’m between the anniversaries of two of the appointments I had four years ago that started me on my sight loss journey (beginning of June 2016 my optician decided I should be referred to the hospital) and end of September when the doctor at the hospital said I was going blind and what caused it). I soon noticed I was seeing weird stuff and thought bonus I’m going crazy too. The one that has repeated a few times is the scene where the raptor jumps out of the bush because someone who was standing still and blending into the background blur moves *oops new undies needed* , leaves being blown along the ground become compys running along (scary when the wind is blowing towards me) and a person with a blue hairstyle (I’m guessing as it was too warm for a hat) became a crested dinosaur climbing the stairs in my local library. No wonder my blog is called Was That A Dinosaur?

    Take every opportunity to enjoy your mother and son movie nights

  2. My son was a dinosaur nut, as well. As a second grader, he was asked to teach a dinosaur unit to the 3rd graders. What an honor for a young person. I don’t think he knew the micro… one, though!

  3. I still love Long Necks. (The Land Before Time)
    Mother, what’s a long neck?

    Littlefoot’s Mother:
    Well, that’s what we are, dear.

  4. I really enjoy seeing the classics on the big screen, like Raiders of the Lost Ark. So glad the movie wasn’t crowded and you could keep your date.

  5. Angie in SoCal

    You have the nicest family! Love your new design. Did Kayla do it? Is she seeking work doing them?

    1. YES…Kayla did do it. She’s done blogs and internet work for several people now. She is seeking more jobs on that that order.

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