Relief in Several Forms…

The heat here is lessening….I am so thankful.  No more dead animals today.  What a blessing!!  Doubly blessed we got RAIN… So a day off from watering plants and a well needed drink for the crops.

My daughter Kalissa hung out with her friend the other day and played photo shoot….Isn’t this the cutest?  They definitely look like Iowa farm girls.

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I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time and it’s finally here!!  I spent yesterday packing to go see Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville!  I am not a gal that goes to classes…not a guild girl…I am a stay at home girl so this is a little bit of a stretch for me.  My daughter, Kelli, is going too so it will be fun for sure.

I am going to attempt to do a blog post from my netbook so I can update you about my quilting adventure…that’s a new challenge for me too.  Hopefully it will work.  Stop back tomorrow and see.

While I am off sewing my day away, check out a new blog I discovered….  Insulated Overall.  Bonnie Kuehner is the author of the blog and I have been having lots of fun reading it.  She lives just a few miles from my house and our kids are friends.  If you’re looking for a daily updated farm/rural Iowa type blog, Bonnie’s blog is a winner.

8 thoughts on “Relief in Several Forms…”

  1. Have a great time – I just read her blog about her trip. She even introduced her stewardess to the joys of quilting with hexagons!
    So glad to hear the heat is lessening for you!

  2. Have fun with Bonnie! Glad you got some rain — we can’t seem to get clear skies for more than a day at a time right now here in Oregon. Any my poor kids want to go to the river! :-P

  3. Oh, it’s all over from here on out. You will be offically addicted. Bonnie is wonderful. I know you allready know this, but once you see the quilts in person, you’ll be in awe.
    I am not a guild girl, or lecture person either. But I went to see Bonnie early this spring and you would have thought I was a groupie. May you have a wonderful time.

  4. Hi Jo, I wish we would receive some rain. Only one more day of this deadly heat predicted for us. After reading your blog post, I went to Bonnie’s blog. Then I looked up Storm Lake, Iowa. Darn, just too far away for me to drive. LOL Have fun. Looking forward to your post.

  5. So glad that you got some blessed-indeed rain and relief from the killer heat! That fact will allow you to go and enjoy Bonnie’s workshop with your daughter and not worry about the homestead.
    I prayed for you all.

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