Reinforcements are HERE!!

You might remember that I was working on the Quiltville Unity Sew Along.

On Thursday I got completely caught up and am now to this point.

Well as I was finishing up and putting the last little narrow border on, I checked the 1 1/2″ scrap bucket but there was nothing- no width of fabric strips…so I went to my fabric.  UGH.  I was pretty much out of white based neutrals except for one piece.  Oh my.

If I didn’t get some light (not tannish) based neutrals, I was in trouble.  Seriously, there really were none.  I had already raided everything there was left to raid.  I really needed more.

As is, the top is only around 42″…so there is a lot more quilt left to be made.  Lots of background print has been used so I really thought I better get more fabric.  It was time for me to find a place to order some fabric from.

In my area the best place for batiks is Forest Mills Quilt Shop near Postville.  I know the gals pretty good.  The quilt shop is based out of one of the gals’ homes so I emailed her late that evening.  I sent a picture of what I was working on and asked what she had for fabric.

I didn’t expect a reply until the next day but a few minutes later I got an email with these pictures….

So I shopped.  I picked what I wanted and sent an email back saying what to cut.

My fabric went out in the mail that morning and the package came the next day.  YAHOO!!

I’m restocked!!  It was a great way to shop.  Being the gals know me they just sent the receipt as a bill along with a self addressed stamped envelope.  I’m sure if anyone else would order they would have to do credit card.  The whole process was easy and very painless.

I can’t thank Carolyn enough.  She was sweet, fast and right on with the fabric suggestions she picked.

If you need Carolyn to help you out, HERE is a link to their shop.  You can find their email in the contact section.  Just drop her an email with pictures of what you need and I’m sure she’ll help you out.  The gals are widely known for their batik selection, farm related fabric, wildlife prints and panels.  The think they are mostly known for is their great service which they have proved to me time and time again.  THANKS ladies….you really helped me out in a pinch.

11 thoughts on “Reinforcements are HERE!!”

  1. It’s great to have someone who knows your likes in fabric. I worked 5 yrs at the cutting table at Walmart and had regulars who trusted my judgement. It’s a great feeling for both – to know you’re helping someone achieve their goals. Looks really nice Jo.

  2. It sure is helpful to have a responsive shop to work with. I dont know why my LQS doesn’t want to participate in Bonnie’s sew alongs. yes, they are scrappy but there are many, like you, who will buy new fabrics! I will probably have to buy a backing for this when it comes down to it. And I mix light and tan neutrals. Doesnt bother me one bit. I like the look I guess.

  3. My LQS is a one woman show, so it amazes me how quickly she responds with ideas. I sent her a message saying how would these two fabrics look together, she sends a picture within minutes and I soon have an order up to the shipping minimum. She also has been adding little gifts even though I tell her I don’t need freebies to shop with her!

  4. I did something similar with a two of my local quilt shops, Tiny Stitches in Marietta, GA and The Scarlet Thread in McDonough, GA. I had the fabric in mind that I wanted and they pulled and cut my selections. Both were very responsive. Tiny Stitches did a porch Pick Up and The Scarlet Thread shipped my fabric. It’s so great to have wonderful quilt shops to help us out while sheltering in place.

  5. I’m loving how your Quiltville quilt is turning out in the colors you chose–gorgeous!
    Here’s a shout out for Quilter’s Studio in Fairfax, VA too!

  6. That’s terrific – so many smaller shops are really reaching out to their customers. What a wonderful wy to stay in business plus keeping the businesses open.
    Your fabric is gorgeous!
    Love and prayers

  7. Now that is some great customer service! I met them while vending at a few shows, but haven’t seen them for some time. I’m sure they appreciate your business as much as you do their help!

  8. Judith Fairchild

    That is a marvelous turn around for getting what you needed. That has to be a great quilt store. Your colors are lovely.

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