Registered NO MORE!!

The day that I’ve been waiting and planning for the last 9 month has finally come….it’s not new baby news…it’s not a fancy vacation news.  The news is this.  My childcare registration expired.  I couldn’t be happier.

I know previously I’ve told you that I was feeling frustrated with the childcare system registration and the requirements they have.  Well my registration expired as of today.  I am still going to be providing the same childcare I always have, I’m simply not going to be registered.

What a huge relief.  I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that although I’m happy, the ending is bittersweet.  I think providers should be registered.  I think there should be simple requirements in place.  I think there should be a monitoring system….what I don’t agree with is how overboard the regulations have gotten to be.  It is ridiculous.

I never in a million years thought I would get to this place.  I used to teach continuing education classes.  I was the first person to encourage people to be registered.  I tried to lead a campaign in doing what was required in home childcare settings.  Every year it got to be a little more…and a little more and a little more.  Well now, this camel (me)’s back is broken.  NO MORE.

Part of the requirements included me taking a class on pool safety.  I don’t have a pool.  Another class was for car seat safety.  I don’t transport kids.  Why should I have to sit through that?  It makes no sense.

One thing that really frustrated me was that my daughters could no longer provide substitute care if I had to be away unless they went through a 12 hour training….the same training that I would have had to attend that included classes on SIDS, pool safety and car seat safety.  What sense is that?  Again, I don’t have a pool and I don’t transport…and as far as the SIDS training goes, the girls are nurses.  I’ve talked to a couple of the parents and explained how ridiculous I thought it was that the girls could no longer do substitute care and the parent laughed saying that my girls likely know the kids better than their own aunts who rarely see the kids.

Another think that was frustrating is the the girl take MEDICAL first aide CPR.  For my program I need them to have pediatric.  Well Medical is more advanced than pediatric…but their Medical didn’t meet the requirement even though pediatric CPR was covered in the Medical class.  DUMB.

I was required to keep a sign by my doors to show people how to exit my house in case of fire or tornado.  I don’t think who ever is making these regulations realizes that the people who I provide care for, have become my family.  They know where the exits are and my house isn’t no big that a person can’t see them.  I completely understand that this is needed in centers.  Not everyone realizes where all the exits are….but in my home, silly.

One of the concerns Hubby and I had was that being I am not registered, I would no longer be eligible for meal reimbursement for the children.  I thought I’d end up taking a big hit on that but honestly, I don’t think I will.  For example today it was time for lunch.  I had leftover spaghetti from Monday and leftover chicken macaroni casserole from Tuesday.  I didn’t have enough of either to feed all of the kids.  Normally Hubby would have grumbled because he hates all things noodle related.  I would have tried to eat some of one of the dishes and on Saturday when I cleaned the refrigerator, I would have thrown them out.  Today, not so.  The four big kids ate the spaghetti and the one little one had the chicken macaroni.  It worked out better for everyone because the little one could feed herself the chicken dish but wouldn’t have been able to feed herself the spaghetti.  No nutrition was compromised.  They all had a healthy meal with grapes and green peas added.  Normally, all kids have to eat the same.  I can see that this will work out really good for me in some aspects.

I was always and forever nagging parents to turn in their paperwork.  There was so much paperwork.  It drove me crazy.  Each time a little one got a shot, I needed a new record that was signed, dated and came from the facility that provided the shot….as far as I’m concerned, I don’t need a shot a record. I have never in the 10+ years I’ve provided care EVER looked or read the paper.  The only time it was touched was when state came in to check my records.  What a waste of time.  What a waste of energy.

When I previously wrote about this someone wrote, rather nastily, stated that they would never bring a child to a non registered child care provider.  Well, this person obviously doesn’t live in rural Iowa.  Seriously, ALL of the people I do care for were either in the same class or were a few years younger or older than my own kids.  They all know me.  I know their grandparents and many of the siblings…or I take my vehicle to be fixed where they work.  It is so rural around here.  I have a waiting list.  Right now, three families are waiting to get in this fall and I just got another call this week.  This person was someone whose name I didn’t recognize.  I messaged Kelli and she gave me the scoop.  This is the reality of small town.  There is a big shortage of providers in our area-people are willing to go to a non-registered provider.

Anyway…this is freedom day for me….I am basking in the freedom of operating my own business….I am going to feed kids when it works into our schedule not by a demanded time.  Once the weather is good I am going to have a picnic at the park and not worry that this day we won’t have milk for lunch and will have juice instead because it’s more easily transportable.  I am going to spend time with the kids and not shuffling paperwork.  GLORY BEE!!  DHS doesn’t have a hold on me!

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  1. So wonderful for you! It is ridiculous these days. My sitter used to be registered but also dropped her registration a couple years ago. Some people were concerned that my kids are at a non registered provider, but our sitter is an amazing, wonderful woman. I could not ask for anyone better to care for my kids while I am at work. I’m sure your families feel the same way.

  2. Anne Deedrick

    That is great news, Jo! Paperwork is taking over our lives and I’m so happy that you have taken charge of your business!

  3. Oh, you sound so happy! You will enjoy this newfound freedom more and more. I am sure the parents will too! Congratulations! I know it wasn’t an easy decision in some respects, but sounds like it is definitely the best for you! Enjoy!

  4. One reason I retired from teaching, which I loved, was paperwork, over testing, loss of freedom to really teach the way I use to, and not being allowed to teach the subject in which I specialized. Wasn’t happy any more. Now I quilt almost as much as I want, garden when it’s not raining, work puzzles, read, and enjoy a Bible Study group. Oh, and weather permitting, lots and lots of saltwater fishing!

  5. I worked in a child care center years ago…sadly, there were gals there who didn’t even like children–it was just a job to them. You love your kids and that trumps any paperwork! Good for you….now you can enjoy your “job!”

  6. Over the years with my children and grandchildren I have had experience with both licensed and unlicensed childcare providers. We also live in a rural area and either knew the provider or the person that recommended them. All the care providers we had were kind, caring people with a good dose of common sense. To me that was way more important than the state license.

  7. Freedom! I understand being set free of all the paperwork and rules and when you live in a rural environment how everyone REALLY does know everyone. Enjoy your new found hours in your life and less documentation.

  8. Another case of too much bureaucracy. Not all registered day care provide quality care just because they have that paper from the state. I took my son to a registered provider when he was a baby. I was desperate to find someone that was willing to take him before my 7 a.m. class. Poor kid cried every day I took him there. I’m not sure what all went on there but the last straw was the day I went to pick him up and he was on the floor in the playroom where while I was looking for his socks I found push pins on the floor among the toys. The provider’s 6 year old had gotten a pair of scissors and gave him a haircut! I don’t think we lasted there more than a few weeks. I should have made a surprise visit in the middle of the day but I was young and never imagined he wouldn’t have been cared for as I would have cared for him. I remember it being so hard to find anyone to care for a baby then. That was over 36 years ago. After that I think most of the daycare I found was not registered and they all worked out much better. Sounds like you’ll all be much happier without government oversight.

  9. I was wondering if you were still registered or not. You didn’t mention anything after that
    one post, a while ago. I’m glad to hear that you are now free of all the paperwork and time and energy spent on regulations. One only needs to read your blog for a while to
    see the love and care you have for those children in your care. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I grew up in a small town so I understand exactly what you mean by everyone knows everyone! Congratulations on your freedom! Things have gotten way over regulated! Sometimes common sense should be used such as if you need to take pool safely classes when you don’t have a pool!

  11. Rhonda Russell

    Years and years ago I was looking for child care for my sons. I first interviewed people from the list that I received from the state–they were all certified. I wasn’t completely satisfied with any of them. I then met with a lady who was selling Avon and looking to start child care. I interviewed her as I looked through the catalog and she was a perfect fit! Certification is all well and good, but at the end of the day a parent needs to know that their child will be well cared for. From reading your blog, I would trust my children to be watched by you because you CARE about their needs and well-being! I’m glad you have your freedom back.

  12. I agree 100%, certification isn’t everything! I would like to mention that LOTS of times these rules are not made up by the department employees who are making the site visit but rather by your state legislators…who usually knows nothing about how child care works and don’t listen to the employees who are in the trenches and who want to help them understand.

  13. I also gave up my registration and do
    Not miss any part of it.
    My love and passion is children and Early

  14. Girl in the Stix

    So many rules and regulations are not to protect the children, but to protect the workers from lawsuits–we are such a litigious society. And so many people making the policies and rules don’t have a clue about what they are legislating–they’ve never ever done childcare! My only qualm would be if your insurance was contingent on certification. I’m glad that you are able to provide loving care (no way to regulate affection!) to families that need it.

  15. Nothing like GOV regulations. There is absolutely NO commonsense when it comes to GOV regulations. And, the people that enforce them are more than just a little full of their own self importance. My son is a farmer so he is very well aware, as is your husband, of the endless and needless regulations. I think people in WDC have nothing better to do than make up regulations. Wish they would try doing real work for a change.

  16. Glad for you! I worked as a social worker in nursing homes…same story…regulations galore and when you live in rural Iowa its a lot different than a city. I believe the rule makers have not walked the walk of what they want to regulate. Government should step back and let common sense and the golden rule dictate heir rules! The end of my soapbox for the day! Quilting is so much more exhilarating and fun!

  17. Congratulations! When my kids were little I took them to a lady that was in the same spot you are. Rural small town, too many rules. She did exactly what you did. My kids loved her so much… they called her Grandma Ramsey and all of her “kids” were just like her grandkids. She loved each and every one of them. I was so upset when I had a child 10 years later and Grandma Ramsey wasn’t providing childcare anymore. I’ll take a situation like yours over a licensed facility any day! Enjoy your freedom!!!

  18. YEA! I am so happy for you. I have done day care for years. Never have I been certified or whatever. They love me as a grandma. Yes, we eat healthy and I don’t get reimbursed but I keep track and can take it off my income tax. The parents know that I am not registered and like you, I have turned down so many. Ultimately the parents make the choice. Once again – good for you!

  19. Just a thought as I know your regulations in the US are different thatn ours in Canada. Can you still get liability insurance if you are not registered and is it legal child care you are doing?

  20. I left the school system (which I was growing increasingly frustrated with) to care for my now 10-month-old granddaughter. I joke that I am now the lead teacher at the NSUBD – the No-Stars, Unlicensed, Bi-Lingual Daycare. This “job”, done right, takes an enormous amount of time and energy (and, unlike you, I have only one little one). I can’t imagine adding paperwork and nit picking into the mix. Good for you for having the courage to say “no more.”

  21. Cheryl in Dallas

    Good for you! You did a lot of research on this topic and made the right choice for you and the families who depend on you.

    Let me know when you start a doggie daycare, and I will be in line to drop off my “babies.”

  22. Sandra Davidson

    Good for you it seems the government enjoys making rules etc . I would send my babies to you in a heartbeat you are such a warm and loving person who adores the children. Enjoy!

  23. My non- registered child care provider provided better care for my son that I probably did! I understand the need for regulations, but some things get really out of hand!

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