Refrigerator Dill Pickles and Sauerkraut

More pickles please….I tried a new pickle recipe, refrigerator dill pickles, and these guys were a hit!


I did a post about them a week ago but didn’t give the recipe.  I hate giving out a recipe before I’ve had a chance to taste them….well the pickles have been sufficiently tasted and pass the family taste testing….they are a hit…so much so that they are GONE!!

The thing I love about these is that they can be in the refrigerator.  No canning required.  I made the original batch when the Midwest was bogged down in a heat wave.  I didn’t want to heat up the house so the recipe was perfect.

Here’s the original recipe:
Slice cucumbers lengthwise into a gallon jar.  Add 1/2 large onion sliced and some dill.   (I put in 4 dill tops per 1.5 quart jar in the bottom and 2 heads on top)  Boil 1 quart water, 1 pint cider vinegar, 1/4  cup salt and 3/4 cup sugar.  Pour this slowly into jars over the cucumbers, dill and onions.  These will keep for a year in the refrigerator, covered but not sealed.

I made 3~ 1.5 quart  jars and they are gone already.  This time around I am making 5 jars.  I put 1 tsp minced garlic in two of the jars….just for fun because I love garlic dill pickles.

We made 41 quarts worth of sauerkraut too….hubby was a fabulous help!


I use a recipe that does not require a crock.  They ferment right in the jars.  You can check out the recipe for the kraut here.  Today I have dozens of ears of corn in my future….I don’t think anyone will be home to help me so I’ll have the mess all to myself…anyone want to come help!?!  I’ll pay you in garden produce and farm fresh eggs.

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8 thoughts on “Refrigerator Dill Pickles and Sauerkraut”

  1. I would love to come and help you but by the time I got there from NY, I think you would be finished. I just tried refrigerator bread and butter pickles and they were really good.

  2. I just spent the last 3 days getting over 30 dozen ears of corn in the freezer. Good luck to you. It will be wonderful to have this winter!

  3. I will be home tomorrow.

    In the meantime, you can make good use of my fabulous pressure canner- a must for low-acid vegetables! :)

    Although… your frozen corn is quite good.

  4. I started to read your post and thought “she just tried a new pickle recipe recently” then of course I read further. So they are a bit hit! With your crowd in last weekend I guess 3 1.5 quarts of pickles could be consumed as good as they sound. It would take DH and I forever. I’ll check out the kraut recipe next. I’ve been thinking about you and recipes that use up lots of eggs. Is a recipe that uses 4 eggs appeal to you? I’ve got a good, fast, and easy French desert that starts on the stove and ends in the oven with fruit if you are interested. Sandi

  5. I used to can tomatoes, but got lazy over the years. This year I got a late start and everything in coming in and lots of it. The good thing is my kids will be happy to come over and take half of it;)


  6. All your canned stuff looks wonderful! I think I will try the pickles. I’ve never made pickles before, but they sound good and easy. I usually make jam, but haven’t even done that this year! Wish I had more time!

  7. These look great! I can’t wait to try them.

    I have a question about the sauerkraut recipe — it looks so good, too! It says “After the six weeks cold pack the jars for 30 minutes.” and I wasn’t sure what that meant? Do you mean to put them in a hot water bath or…? I’d be ever so grateful if you could help me out with more instructions!

    Thank you!!!


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