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Ever since I FINALLY got caught up with cutting my recycled shirts up, I’ve vowed that I would stay on top of it.  I didn’t want them to get out of control like they previously had….so when my pile grew to this….I said NO MORE!  NO MORE SHIRTS until this is back under control.

It’s so hard for me.  I am so blessed with amazing thrift stores.  They often host a bag sale.  At one shop I can fill a bag with clothing for anywhere from $4-$5 depending on the day.  At another shop they only allow 10 items in the bag but at times the bag is only $1-$4 a bag.

Well now that Carver is here I’ll find a couple cute things for him and then fill the rest of the bag with shirts.  They are so cheap!!  Then, however, I have to come home a deal with the shirts.

Here’s a silly one that was in one of my bags!!


Lately I’ve had trouble finding white based ones so even it made it into my bag.

I’m not real picky with color but pinks are hard to find as are yellows, reds and oranges.  Purple, I rarely find.


Now I’m caught up again.

I’m hoping to eventually get some time at some point to finish up my Rectangle Wrangle and I’d like to make Scrappy Mountain Majesties again…I made it before but saw it in the barn raising pattern that Bonnie Hunter recently did and would like to make it too.

How about you?  How are you doing on the shirt front?

7 thoughts on “Recycled Shirts”

  1. I admire how you stick to the plan and not let the shirts get to far ahead. I don’t collect shirts because I have way to much fabric in my collection

  2. Mine are all cut up except for the piece with the pocket. I still have to take those off. I think I finally have enough blue and yellow to make the Mountain Majesty quilt. Of course I can’t get started once the mystery gets under way.

  3. Can you please repost a link to when you explained how to take the shirts apart and what you use the prices for? Thanks!!! Love your blog and updates on your family and life!

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