Recap of Last Week…

My Monday started with the arrival of Annie my foster pup.  I picked her up and ended up in town longer than I expected.

Tuesday Annie pooped and I had to drive her sample to the vet.  The Cresco Ladies were here and I ran around trying to catch up around the house.

Wednesday was Kalissa’s (my youngest daughter’s) big shirt launch.  A blogger reader stopped by for quilt tops and I tried to catch up on the blog but didn’t have the best of luck.  Anders (Kalissa’s newborn) was here because Kalissa had to take Gannon (my grandson) to his doctor in Iowa City (two hours away from here).

Carver was so proud.  He learned how to…climb my tree.

Thursday Kalissa had to take Gannon back to the doctor and again I kept Anders.  I also had one of my old childcare kiddos here all day and then his siblings came after school because they all wanted to see my new dog and the foster pup Annie.  I took Anders and the childcare with me in the afternoon for an appointment for Annie at the vet.  I’m not used to taking kids with me when I go places anymore.

My little guy loved Izzy and Izzy loved him.

Friday I was up really early making pies.  We had a benefit here in town for the Historical Society.  They host a big Hunter’s Feast.  It’s pheasant hunting season here and they put on a big meal then.  It’s really a Thanksgiving Feast…so good.

I was asked to make pies and cheesecakes.  Kalissa was supposed to help me.  But, Thursday she had what she thought was a terrible ear infection.  It was getting worse instead of better.  In the night she texted me and said she was going back to the doctor ASAP in the morning.

I ended up getting up extra early to try to get the pies made before the kids came.

I ended up making two rhubarb, two peach, one strawberry rhubarb, and one cherry.  Above are all the fillings.  I used THIS RECIPE.

One done, five to go.  I had all the pies put together but only three were in the oven when the kids arrived.

I had Anders, my daughter Kelli’s three kiddos, Georgia, Eli, and Emmett along with my old childcare kiddo.

Kalissa got back in the afternoon and was feeling slightly better.  She ended up making the four cheesecakes at my house while I watched the kids.

I didn’t get any cross-stitching done that night as I was up in the evening writing blog posts.

I was up again early on Saturday.  I was going to make fresh cinnamon rolls for the benefit and then have the day to myself.  I had blog readers wanting the new video for the freeform ABC letters.  I wanted to get that done and sew.

Then Kalissa called me and asked me if I could take Carver and Gannon for an hour.  I said I could as long as they were willing to do errands with me.  They came.  We finished making the cinnamon rolls.  We took them to the fundraiser and then we did some tidying in the garage and took our recycling to the bins.  I got back to the house and shortly after that Kalissa came back and was crying in obvious pain telling me I had to take her to the ER immediately.  Her ear was MUCH worse.

We scrambled around and got a sitter for Carver and Gannon.  We took Anders with us to the ER.  You can read about Kalissa’s diagnosis in THIS BLOG POST from her blog.  We had a friend pick Anders up and take him back home.  For a while it sounded like surgery and being transferred out was a real possibility.

She ended up being sent home but has an appointment with the ENT right away Monday morning that I am taking her to as she isn’t supposed to drive.

Sunday I took Annie, the foster pup, to meet her new family.  I’ll tell you more about that in an upcoming blog post.

My inground fencing guy came and got Izzy set up with a collar.  She is doing fabulous already.

I just love seeing her outside and playing with no lease.  Rosie, my beagle, and Izzy, my Aussie doodle, had a great time romping out in the yard.

…and off they went running around and sniffing all of the sniffs.  They had a great time.

I was a little worried because Rosie has her collar set at a higher strength because rabbits, squirrels, and the like are a great temptation.  I thought Izzy would have to have her collar set at the same strength but the good news is they don’t.  Izzy can have her collar at a lower strength.

I’ve said it before and will say it again and again…I LOVE my inground fencing and Ryan from Pet Containment Systems is AWESOME to work with.  If you’re in NE Iowa, you can find him HERE.

It is Sunday night as I write this.  I’m writing ahead and scheduling a few blog posts as I don’t know what the coming week will bring.  It was supposed to be a slow week but I don’t think it will be.  Already on Monday, I’m taking Kalissa to the doctor as she’s on pain meds and isn’t supposed to drive.  From anything we’ve read, she might need surgery or might be moved on to a bigger hospital.  I thought it would be smart of me to try to get a few extra posts written just in case.  I also plan on packing a bag just in case.  I learned when my husband was dying of cancer that I prefer to have a bag packed in case we have to leave quickly.  Hopefully, that won’t happen but after the way she came here on Saturday needing to go to the ER ASAP, I’d rather be prepared.

I have this piece of pie and ice cream as I write.  I’m ready for a hot bath and some cross-stitching.

I think that’s exactly what I’m going to do next…bath, then cross-stitching.  I erranded it!!

10 thoughts on “Recap of Last Week…”

  1. Jo, you certainly have had a very busy time. I just hope you remember that you need to care for yourself too. Trusting things work out ok. I admire your perseverance in coping with all that is thrown at you each time. By the way, the pie looks good but the cinnamon buns made my mouth water. You do great. Lind from the UK.

  2. Jo what a busy person you are! You are a great mom, grandma, and community supporter. Remember to take time for yourself.

  3. You do have a busy life! I hope all is well with Kalissa. I can only imagine the pain and suffering she is experiencing. Your pies look delicious and I’m sure they are/were! How fun that Carver can climb the tree! Tree climbing is so fun. Keep taking care of that lovely family.

  4. What a crazy busy few days you have had. I hope Kalissa is doing much better after being seen and she is on the mend. Ear pain is nothing to ignore. Love seeing the dogs romping outside and Carver sitting in the tree.

  5. I’ve been following Kalissa’s blog too. I hope she’s doing better. Being ill and a new Mom is no fun at all. I bet you felt like a revolving door last week…something always happening. It looks like Rosie is enjoying her new playmate. Jo, I like your pie pan you show in the photo. It looks easy to manipulate with the wide “handles. Do you know if they can be purchased on-line? I hope this week slows down for you.

  6. Wow! What a week you had, and you take it all in your stride so well. I can’t believe how much you do, both for your family and for the community, I’m definitely an under achiever. Hoping Kalissa is ok, will read her blog about her ear( I’m a nurse too, well, a retired one). It’s no fun being unwell at any time but especially when you have young children to care for as well. Look after yourself, and that piece of pie looks AMAZING.

    1. Ps, I’m definitely going to try your pie recipe, the filling looks so good, and not sloppy at all. Blessings to you from Australia ❤️

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