Reality Check on Spool Blocks

I told you earlier this week that I got Bonnie’s new book More Adventures with Leaders and Enders.  One of things I’ve been most anxious to see is her spools quilt.  I took her leader and ender challenge and made LOTS of spools.  I was certain that I didn’t need to make anymore so I moved onto the Lozenges challenge.

Well..I opened the book and saw this…

First off..let me say, I love the quilt.  I love the coloring and I really want to make it.  Being I have all these spools blocks, that’s a good thing. many did I need??  I have 309 made.  I thought that was a HUGE number…

I quickly  flipped to the directions at a glance.  Oh my?!?!  I am not even close.  I have 309….I need 648!!  I am not even half way there.

Well it looks like I am going to be making more spool blocks.  I love the borders and coloring that Bonnie has for her quilt so I think I am going to rummage around and find a little more green and a little more pink to make the spools with.

It’s a good thing I like making these blocks.

So tell me…those of you Bonnie fans out there..what quilt are you going to make first??

14 thoughts on “Reality Check on Spool Blocks”

  1. I missed the spool challenge. Going to start cutting for the lozenges. Want to use them as leaders and enters while working on other projects :)

  2. My book is on order, and I have 287 made with about 20 more ready to sew. Guess I either make a smaller size quilt or attack the stash!
    Beazie in CT

  3. I know I have told you before, but I claim to be Bonnie’s # 1 fan :)! I think the book might be in the mail today or tomorrow..cannot wait! Unfortunately I put my spools together already (though no borders or anything) and I am not sure if I can turn it into this–may look into it when I get the book…however I know I don’t have half that many either! Cannot wait to see how yours comes out..I need to kick it in gear on the lozenges too–I don’t have too many of those!

  4. I haven’t ordered her book yet. I have three other of her quilts to finish,tho. I started the spool challenge when it first came out, but I didn’t like making them. I sent the finished ones to Bonnie and went back to the bow ties. So I maybe have twelve spools in Bonnie’s quilt!! I plan on making the lozenges. My husband will be gone for the weekend, so hope to make good progress on my Celtic Solstice. Marathon sewing!!

  5. Waiting for my book. I ordered it the first day but it has to make it from the East coast to the West coast. Like the quilt magazines…after you show one it usually shows up in my PO Box about 2 weeks later.

  6. I love the spool block quilt! Haven’t made a single spool but would just to make that quilt in those colors. However, I have so many projects going right now that I’ll probably just enjoy watching others make this quilt.

  7. I am still working on Celtic Solstice, so once that is finished, we will see! I am thinking I would like to make Orca Bay next. So many pretty patterns, so little time!

  8. Judy D in upstate NY

    I still have to finish Orca Bay and Celtic Solstice. But first I have 2 wedding quilts and 2 baby quilts to finish, so it will be awhile before I get to any of the new quilts! : (

  9. Working on cutting lozenges for Leaders and Enders. I also can not wait for the book. How many spools need for the quilt? Oh My Gosh and I have only 20 done. Have a great week.

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