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I am feeling really good.  I’m so happy to report.  I am told that much of it is because I have a good attitude and that is largely because I’ve been so blessed lately by lots of reader and family support.

I’ve gotten so many notes and well wishes.  I can’t believe it!   Over the last week here’s a sampling of the things that have come.


Someone sent my name as a person with cancer to an organization called Phil’s Friends.  They sent a care package that was filled with goodies.  It was sent anonymously so thanks to whoever sent it.  I’m guessing a blog reader…but have no idea.  I don’t know who to thank so I’m doing it here.

Connie is the best- “best friend”.  She’s been awesome.

Mary Jo has been a great help.  Not only did she volunteer to take on some of the binding of the charity quilts but she also realized that the library in Lacrosse at Gunderson Lutheran Hospital where she works and I go to for my cancer care didn’t have a low-iodine cookbook so she recommended that the library get one and they did.  She forwarded it on to me.

It’s been a great resource.  I so appreciate it.

Earlier this week Kalissa made supper for her and Craig.  She made extras and brought a pie tin of super over.  I threw it in the freezer so now today, when I still can’t cook for Hubby, he has supper.  That sure makes me feel good that he’s not having to eat frozen pizza for meals on end.

So far, so good.  I do have to say I do miss Kalissa though.  Typically I see her five days a week.  We walk the dogs or she comes over to see the childcare kids.  She borrows something so stops by with some piece of grocery I was missing.  It’s still will be a bit before I can see her.  I’m all the way fine but I think if I had to pick something that’s bothering me the most, I think it would be missing see her.  I don’t see her for a long period of time.  Often it’s only a five minute visit.  I guess I miss it though.  Being Kalissa is pregnant, my time away from her is longer.

Not much has changed as far as the other kids go.  I typically don’t see them for a week or two or even a month at a time.  They still call and nothing with them seems different.  They call a little more and I appreciate that and the good wishes.  The severe quarantine is almost over.  I’m looking forward to that.

Thanks so much to everyone for all the support.  It’s been so good knowing I am appreciated, prayed over though of.  Thank you-thank you.

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  1. I just wanted to let you know I received the 2 quilts I volunteered to bind in that box. It was the happiest, decorated box I have ever received. After looking at it, I googled Phil’s Friends and learned about the organization. My heart was lighter because I had to believe you were the recipient. I am glad you confirmed this. I believe giving and serving others comes full circle eventually. This box was proof. Glad to hear you are feeling good and your quarantine time is almost over. Have a great weekend.

  2. Your positive attitude make such a difference! You show your love to others through your charity quilts and it returns to you. What a pleasure it is every morning and evening to read your blog! You continue in my prayers! Blessings on you and your family!

  3. I love your attitude and know it has helped you get through this. Having a close-knit family has certainly helped too. I will pray for your continued progress.

  4. So glad you are feeling good. That, with your positive attitude will get you through this. Hugs to you and the family!

  5. A positive outlook is the best and you plainly have that going for you! You are doing great and this will all be over soon and things will be back to normal be fore you know it! You have so much to look forward to and that baby is one of the best things in your future. Can’t wait to see what quilts, clothes and toys you make for him / her! Big Hugs!!

  6. Jo, i am delighted to read how well you are doing. it makes the blogging world pleased for you. i wanted to let you know i quilt with a large group of friends (up to 17 at times) and we all get along after 10 plus years going on retreats and sewing Tuesdays! i am willing to take as many charity quilts to bind as you want to send. If you send me your snail mail address, i will send you some money to help pay for postage. Thank you for all you do. continued positive attitude and grand health.

  7. I’m a day behind so I just read your shirt challenge blog post. Are all your shirts that you use 100% cotton? They are really hard to find. Most have a little % of polyester in them.
    Was just wondering…
    Glad your treatment is going well and soon will be over and that you are feeling better.
    Praying for good health for you in the future.

  8. Hi Jo,
    So glad the box from Phil’s Friends arrived to you. The organization is an amazing outreach which I thought would brighten your day when it arrived and hoped it would bring a smile when you need it. Just a reminder that there are many of us thinking and praying for your and yours that you haven’t met IRL, but feel like we know you.

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