Reader Help Please: It’s a mystery to me!

I have a mystery and I’m hoping a reader can help me with.

You might remember on Sunday I told you about a blog reader, Phyllis in PA, who sent me a big box of goodies.  Phyllis had explained that she is in the process of cleaning out her sewing room.  She went to a yard sale and bought the contents of a quilter’s room.  She didn’t do anything with the person’s started projects and such and was passing them on to me.

There were LOTS of unfinished projects.  A few I have set aside and hope to finish.  A few there wasn’t enough pieces of them to decipher so I un-assembled the projects and just took the fabric.  There was one project I set aside and I’m hoping a blog reader might be able to tell me more about it.  This is it.
What you see is all I have.  This is what I can tell you about it.The lady seemed to have loved block of the month projects so this could have easily been a block of the month.  There are notes on the blocks that say something like “Mid-left” and “Bot-mid”.   There are 10 small star blocks in the pile to the left.  As much as I could, I put the blocks to the left if that’s what the note said and to the right if the note indicated that.

From what I can see, the quilt is going to be really great.  I love stars so I’m especially loving this one.

I know I can make up a few blocks and somehow put it all together but I’d really like to see what the quilt was suppose to me as maybe, just maybe, I’d finish it as it was suppose to be.  It’s a mystery to me.

I don’t get out to quilt shops much and aren’t even “out and about on the internet” seeing what others are up to so I don’t recognize this at all.  The other thing I don’t know is if this might be a quilt that was done through local quilt shops.  If that’s the case then I’m hoping some Pennsylvania reader might be able to help identify the pattern.

So the search is on…can you help me identify this pattern?  I’m excited to see if someone can!!

12 thoughts on “Reader Help Please: It’s a mystery to me!”

  1. looks interesting! what part of PA is the box from? I recognize the carpenter star block in the lower left. a very similar block was a part of a BOM offered in our area (New Albany, PA. NE PA) I’m sure it was available other places, too. I gave away my pattern to a friend- it’s a nice quilt, but I had/have no intentions of making it again! the sawtooth stars in the sashings finished at 4½”. yikes! I’ve included a link to my post where I show that I’m working on the quilt.. (and it is done, now, and was gifted to my son this spring. he has it in his apartment.)

  2. Jo, that looks to be A Sampler similar to one in one of Judy Martins block books. The center with the circle of sawtooth stars definitely is. I can’t put my hands on my Judy Martin books right now, but this should give you an ides of the direction to look for your answer.

  3. Colleen C. Yarnell

    I googled Judy Martin star quilts or circle of star quilts. it looks similar to her wedding band quilt . I bet its that or another similar one

  4. Phyllis Singler

    Jo: I am still going through things if I find anything that is pertinent to the fabrics I sent you I’ll ship it along. Something I gathered: she taught quilting. Her work was beautiful, wasn’t it. Everything looked perfect. As I said I am still cleaning out and just might find more blocks from her….I wish I was able to make the time to start ONE or my first quilt! Maybe even a book or two. I sent the whole batch to you, so there might still be something here



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