Ray and the Stash

Oh my…I have a fun story for you today.

I was at the compute one day and I was writing blog posts.  An email popped in from Debbie, a blog reader friend of mine.  It said she was helping a friend who had to move and get rid of her stash.  She was willing to donate it.  Did I know anyone Florida that could use it.

I told her about Ray and she reads the blog regularly and knew about Ray so she thought that giving the fabric to Ray might be a good fit.  So I gave her Ray’s contact info.  After connecting they found out that Ray was actually quite away from them but Ray was happy to drive and get it.  So plans were made to meet.

A week or two later I was at the kitchen island cutting out a quilt and the phone rang.  It was Debbie again.  She was at her friends house.  They were sorting fabric.  They found cross stitch floss was I interested?  YES!!  I’m always up for floss.  She said she would mail it to me if I was interested and then told me about plans to meet Ray.

A bit later Ray sent me this video….It’s the video of the stash!!  Can you believe it?

Aren’t those cubbies the cutest way to store fabric??

Then I got a message from Ray showing pictures….see?
Debbie and her friend loaded everything into garbage bags so the guys could fit the most they could into Ray’s mini van.

Here it is all stuffed in!!  Ray assured me there was enough room to see!!  HA!!

Then I got a message from Ray that a stop to Home Depot was going to need to happen at some point as he needed a place to put all the fabric.

I was beginning to feel like the organizer of a drug deal or something…it was such a fun covet little adventure and I’m so glad that Debbie and Ray included me in it.  It brought a smile to my face every time I got a message from them.

Here is the final picture from Ray….the shelving is up and the stash has a new home!!  I’m tickled.  What an amazing gift!

So many people say things like “What will happen to my stash if I die and how will my family ever deal with it?”.

Put me on your list….I won’t be there to stack and organize your stash, but I promise I will find a good charity in your area that will put the fabric to good use!

A million thank yous to my friend Debbie for thinking of the charity quilting we do here and telling her friend about it.  I can’t wait to see all the good things Ray does with it.

What a happy story…

20 thoughts on “Ray and the Stash”

  1. That was a happy story. I had one friend who had cancer for years and she wanted to donate her fabric someplace. I’ve been making quilt tops for a charity close to home and took her fabric there. Another friend was moving and wanted to downsize and I delivered her stash to the same organization. That lady has a huge stash. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Pamela Roberts

    Don’t die or your husband will sell your stash for what you told him you paid for it!
    Pam R
    From one of the suburbs of Greater London in the UK where we are still under Lockdown. Thank goodness for quilting which has kept me sane throughout the last 5 months.

  3. Hi
    Yes it’s story is very much happy. Same think me. I want to need halp me for fabric. I ask you? That’s. Iam so happy.

  4. What a generous gift and so appropriate that it went to Ray, who has spent untold hours and dollars quilting for charity. Blessings to all.

  5. That is so totally awesome. I’ve been working on my quilt. So sorry I’m not as fast as others. Life is alittle bit hectic right now. I still haven’t located my threads or machine parts… And a box of fabric I need. Seems like the movers had it vanish between the truck in Tx to NY. The town is so small and all there is is Walmart. Guess I could try to order on line my supplies and hope they arrive before we head back to Tx. This was not a good move at all… My brother is still in rehab with more Cellulitis appearing. Take care.

  6. Incredible, Jo!! I guess Ray can no longer say that he only has a small stash and needs more fabric for finishing charity quilts, can he??? SEW wonderful that Debbie thought to share the destash info with you.

  7. Amazing “rehoming” story! I’m sure Ray petted and loved on the fabric as he sorted and made a new home for it!

  8. I loved reading your post today! It is so nice to read a story about such generosity. Our world is filled with good people, and it’s nice to be reminded of that. Thank you, Jo, for being the facilitator of the transaction.

  9. Is it bad that I recognise the Kallax shelves from Ikea?

    I really need to get out of my sewing slump and use up some of my stash before I have to give it to someone else.

  10. Oh, you got to see the video. I’m glad he sent it to you. He was asking how much fabric we were talking about and I had no idea what to say except…a lot! I thought the video would help. Since we are in a group that makes quilts for a hospice house, most of the fabric was donated, but some was from her personal stash. I was overwhelmed when I saw it all out Anyway, we worked on it for a couple of days and it all fit in his car. I was amazed. We’re so thankful he was willing to make the drive to pick it up. Ray’s the best. There’s several boxes of floss, but they are still at my house. They will get to you someday. Happy Quilting!

  11. Oh Jo, you are a dealer for sure :-) What a great opportunity to connect a stash with a new quilter!!!!

    Happy Sunday everyone.

  12. I so enjoyed reading this post, Jo. Lovely to hear that the lady was so generous in donating all this stash to charity. So kind of your stalwart quilter Ray to go out of his way to collect all of the stash. My goodness he must have been stunned when he walked into the sewing area and saw all of this fabric! He did well to get it all in his car. I showed the video to my husband and his comment was, well you don’t have much then, do you! So now Ray will have enough fabric to back and bind loads and loads of quilts that you and your blog followers so kindly send his way. And the lady who donated them too, she must be delighted to see everything going to a good home where it will be put to good use.

  13. I just love this story and seeing the stash Ray received! I can’t think of a better thing to do with stash you need to get rid of than to donate it to someone who does charity quilting. Thank you so much for being the “instigator” and go between! It’s because of your efforts on donating to charities that all this happened!

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