Raspberry Cream Cheese Rolls

I’ve been busy working on cleaning out my cupboards and cabinets. I’ve been trying to use things from the pantry as often as possible. I ended up finding some raspberry jam. I know I had bought it to make some type of chocolate/raspberry dessert but try as I might, I couldn’t remember what recipe it was. So…the jam needed a new plan.

That’s when I remembered that some time ago I had made some strawberry cream cheese rolls that were really good. I decided I would find the recipe and make them with raspberry jam instead of strawberry jam. Here’s a picture of how they turned out.

Oh my. They were delicious. They were just amazing and everyone loved them.

The recipe is really easy to follow. I found it HERE in a Youtube video. In the video, the gal uses a bread machine to make the dough. I mixed mine in my Kitchen Aide mixer and did the final kneading on my pastry mat. (Find the mat HERE)

I had some helpers in tow.

After the dough had risen, I rolled it out and then spread the cream cheese mix on it. I was going to use a cream cheese frosting on these so I only used one package of cream cheese in the filling.

You can see Eli helping me in the picture below….

Next came the raspberry jam. I had some of my raspberries in the freezer from my garden so I added a few of them too.

These rolls were a little messy to roll up and hard to get onto the pan but totally worth the fuss.

Emmett didn’t mind that the mat had a lot of raspberries that spilled onto it. He tried to eat all that had spilled.

I had them in the oven at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes. They came out looking like this…

Oh my. They were delicious. It was an awesome way to use up that old jar of jam. YUM!!

I plan to give them a try with peaches too…Oh, I can’t wait for peach season!! These will be delicious.

11 thoughts on “Raspberry Cream Cheese Rolls”

  1. These certainly look like winners to me! I really like your helpers! I’m amazed you could do it with so much help.

  2. The picture with Emmett has Rosie looking on hopefully waiting for SOMETHING to drop! So funny! And those DO look good.

  3. These look delicious! What happened to the foster pup news post from a day or two ago? I’m all ready for that doozy of a story and the page is missing. I love hearing about your foster pups! Could you repost it?

    1. I found the new foster pup post on Jo’s Facebook page but when I click on it, an error message comes up saying the page doesn’t seem to exist. I know they are still working on the blog.

      Teresa F.

      1. Yes, that’s what I got, too. Thanks for your reply. The suspense is building! I do love hearing about those pups!

    1. 1/2 stick butter
      4 oz cream cheese
      I microwave them to soften them. Then add 2 tsp of vanilla or maple flavoring to make the flavor I want. Then add powdered sugar until you get the consistency you want.

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