Randomness with the Grandkids

It’s a grandkid overload post!!  I have a feeling you will see another grandkid overload post soon as I’m supposed to have Buck’s kids over the weekend.

This is all of Kelli and Kalissa’s kids.  I’ve dubbed them the northern contingent but the kids recently said we need to call them the Yankee Kids.

Kalissa wanted me to do a photoshoot for her.  It was the hottest day ever and the kids didn’t want to cooperate at all.  She got shirts in the raglan style and needed pictures for her Etsy shop.

Carver wanted to hide in the corn where there was shade.

Gannon wanted nothing to do with it!

He wouldn’t let go of his toy.  He wouldn’t be held.  Nothing.

The boys wanted to play and hide and seek instead.  Oh, boys…Gotta love them!!

I ended up getting this picture and as far as I’m concerned, it was perfect!!

Kalissa shared a lot more pictures on her blog along with info on the shirts.  You can check that out HERE.

I took my recycling it to the recycling bins.  I opened the tin to throw my cans in and saw this AWESOME (to me) dump truck.  There were three other metal trucks in there too.  There was little to no metal in the bin and these were just sitting there.  I ended up taking them home.  Kalissa made fun of me for it…

But then the next day after a scrub…who spent the whole morning playing with them??…Gannon!!

Thanks to the person who threw them away.  We love them!!  THANKS!!

The neighbors provided entertainment for the boys one day.  If you look carefully you can see the excavator and dump truck.  The boys sat and watched them much of the morning.

Carver is four and has been reading a lot all summer long.  Every day that he comes he reads one or two books to me.  When I was last at the thrift store I found this book…Find it HERE on Amazon.

It’s Legos and Star Wars all in one book.  Carver hadn’t been introduced to Star Wars yet.  He picked this book to read to me.  Although it was a level one, it was harder than that so we ended up reading it together.  He did great for how hard it was.

Anyway, he was all excited about the characters and the story.

Our boys Buck and Karl were both crazy about Star Wars as kids.  It was a movie I always took them to in the theaters as I grew up a Star Wars fan.  I remember begging my mom to take to me to the original.  I remember the long line we waited in.  Did any of you readers see the original?  I saw it at the Albert Lea, Minnesota theater.

Anyway, I wondered if Carver might like watching the show.  So we tuned on Disney+ and gave it a try.  He loved it!  I think it helped that he had just read the book.

Carver’s birthday is coming up and I had no idea of what to give him so I ended up on Amazon.  They had more of the readers so I got:

The Empire Strikes Back

Return of the Jedi

I ordered him a Star Wars T-shirt too.

I love that we are introducing him to something we all loved.  I never imagined all those years ago when I stood in line to see the original movie that 40some years later I’d be living in Iowa and introducing my grandson to Star Wars.

Kalissa is going to be glad I didn’t buy him more toys!!  A shirt and books will be appreciated by mom more than toys will!

On Saturday I had all of the Yankee grandkids.  It was my chance to take a few pictures of the boys with their quilts.

The big kids were not helpful at all.  Here we were trying to get a picture of me and Eli.  The big kids photo bombed us.

There…that’s better.

This is the best picture we could get with Emmett.  Gannon photobombed us.

It was so fun giving them their quilts.

Carver and Gannon just love the babies.  This is Carver, Emmett, and Georgia.

Georgie that little stinker won’t sit still to let Kelli braid her hair.  Kelli is a good braider so even if she was a little wiggly it would be okay but she won’t sit at all.  For me, she’ll sit perfectly.  So most every time she comes, I end up braiding her hair.

Here is Gannon with Eli under the play gym.

Gannon is super sweet and snuggly.

Kalissa’s boys left and then it was just me and Kelli’s kiddos.

This little monster had lunch with me while the babies napped.

Here’s a picture with me and Eli.  The babies are getting so smiley and talkative.  They can hold their heads well and it’s getting easier and easier to take care of them.

That’s the latest Grandma update.  I had fun having the kids on a day when I didn’t have childcare.  The kids are always so different when it’s just me and them.

Next weekend I’m scheduled to go down and take care of Buck’s kids.  You’ll probably get another photo dump of my weekend with Buck’s kiddos.  It’s what happens when you the read the blog of a grandma!!

17 thoughts on “Randomness with the Grandkids”

  1. It’s lovely reading your “blog of a grandma”! Your grandchildren are so cute and funny :-) Thank you for sharing them with us!

  2. That is so awesome he is reading! Have you seen/read The Magic TreeHouse series? I started reading them to my grandson when he was 3, twenty years ago, and they inspired his great love of reading and we both got to learn a lot of history and visit places around the world. To this day they are always my gifts to little ones, especially if I know I’m going to get to read with them!

  3. So much easier taking pictures nowadays! We can look to see if we got a good picture immediately, no waiting for film to come back as unusable photos. They all look so cute. Love the pictures in the corn. How fun to find metal trucks! We had the Tonka truck too!

  4. What a great time you must have had with the g-kids! I agree that the picture of Gannon and Carver in the corn is perfect – a very good shot. All those little Yankees are such cuties and the twins look like they are thriving. Fun! Fun! Fun!

  5. Carmen Montmarquet

    I had been called a baby hog in the past so reading about your grand babies and seeing their pictures is a real treat! My youngest grandbaby is 11 so watching your’s grow up is awesome! I appreciate you sharing!

  6. Thanks for sharing all the pictures of the grandkids and YOU!
    Fun and Cute!

    Emmett and Eli’s quilts are just the best.

  7. You are truly blessed, Jo! Love the pictures of you and the grandchildren. The babies are getting big. Thank you for sharing and looking forward to the “rebels” southern contingency pictures. Enjoy snuggling with those grands!

  8. Oh yes! Star Wars fan from the first one! We were visiting at my older sister’s near Los Angeles as she’d just had my nephew. My BIL took me and little sister to see it! Love love love! How fun to share this with your grands.

    Happy Tuesday Jo :-)

  9. Yes,standing in line for Star Wars… had no idea what it would be but knocked our socks off. My kids are
    55 and 53 so you know we had Tonka metal construction toys and all Star Wars . Many hours were spent digging in the back yard with the Tonkas. At one point I gave them the okay to dig a pond- worked like a charm, I don’t think the plastic construction toys would hold up to that. Actually we were in a new sub division and most other families were ttrying to plant grass and do landscaping so we always had a back yard full.Matchbox cars were also a big hit here.

  10. I saw the original Star Wars 13 times. To be fair, my little neighborhood had a movie theater that was one block away from my house. Tickets were 50 cents! Loved the post. The twins’ quilts are adorable!

  11. Loved Star Wars. When it first came out, we stood in line to see it 5 times. The special effects were so good and cutting edge. This was before kids, so had time and money but not much sense. We love the grands!

  12. The pictures in the corn were perfect and if someone had said he was crying I wouldn’t have known it. We stopped and pulled a “smashed” Tonga truck out of the garbage. DH put it in the car and there was a dead mouse in it EWE! I turned it and 3 others into my Gnome Garden, w succulents in one and rocks in one

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