I try to stay as far away from anything political. I’m happy to say that I am not democrat.  I am not republican.  I vote for whoever I feel is the better candidate.  I cross party lines all the time.  I often do lean one way but which way that it is not something I am sharing.  This is not a political blog nor do I want it to be.

I do want to say something though.

I hate political campaigning as it is nowdays.  I hate the name calling.  I hate the bashing.  I hate the twisted truths.  I hate going on Facebook and being bombarded with hateful things, mistruths, far left and far right opinions.

I feel like people need a good dose of Thumper from Bambi.

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Sometimes I feel like adults have forgotten how to be kind.
They’ve forgotten that “there are two sides to every issue”.
They’ve forgotten that there often isn’t “one right answer”.
They’ve forgotten that it really isn’t “my way or the highway”.
They’ve forgotten that nothing should be said or posted or written unless you can sit over a cup of coffee and say it right to the person’s face.

Some people think it’s acceptable to be forceful with their opinions.  Some people have become a label.  Whatever the right believes they believe without even thinking.  Whatever the left believes they are right there without even thinking.  Whatever the other believes is WRONG!

Yes I believe in freedom of speech.  It’s allowing me to write this right now.  But I also believe in manners.  I think our society is losing it’s manners.

I watch a political ad….
The candidate spends so much time bashing the other that they don’t tell anything about themselves.  SAD.

I watch the next politcal ad…
The candidate spends so much time bashing the other that they don’t tell anything about themselves.  SAD.

The minute a candidate says anything about the other candidate my mind immediately thinks, “you are so worried about the other candidate that you aren’t confident enough to stand and tell your own beliefs”.  I don’t want you as my candidate!!  Be strong.  Be brave.  Be bold.  Be so convicted in your want to win that you tell everyone about YOU…not your opponent.  Stand up and fight a clean campaign.

I have said this time and time again to my family….
If a candidate came along and said…
I want to go into politics because I have the best interest of people at heart.
Sometimes when I vote, I promise that I will vote on things you believe in.
Sometimes when I vote, I will not vote for something you believe in.
I’ve learned that people can’t have their way every single time.
There are good ideas on both sides of the fence.
I don’t care what the other candidate says.  I don’t care what the other candidate does.
I am only here to tell you what I hope to do and where I want our country to go.
I will not call people names.  I will not drag them or their family in the mud as that’s not who I am or where I will go.
I believe morals always come first.

Oh my word!!  I would vote for that person in a heart beat.

My kids sent me this…

That made me laugh.  For the most part, that’s how I feel about the candidates.

As for me and this campaign season and all those to follow.  I am blocking every ad as soon as the candidate goes negative.  I am blocking every right or left opinion, meme or comment.  I don’t need or want the negativity in my day…not in my life.  I’m not interested in the right or the left.  There is nothing either has to say that is helpful or uniting.

I want to live in the UNITED States of American…not whatever this is.

I can’t help but wonder what our founding fathers would say if they saw the campaigns we run in our country.

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I think they would be embarassed.  I know I surely am.

Sorry for this rambling…I’m only have room for kindness in my life and I’m seeing so little with the campaigns, judicial confirmations and strong opinions.  Oh it can’t be November 7th soon enough…ugh, but then it will be on to 2020 elections.  That will be a nightmare….alas.

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  1. Instead of being united we are divided. Instead of being American We are this party or that party. What happened to us standing together as a country. I agree with you.

  2. amen. My DH just got home from spending a week in Michigan, and he said the ads there were just terribly distasteful and constant. (we are not seeing them in California since California is not a state that is ‘in play’, so they don’t spend their dollars here).

  3. My thoughts too. I fast forward through commercials because I’m weary of the bashing. In the past I’ve been guilty of not voting…mainly because I didn’t feel any candidate was worthy of my vote. Any more, it seems like I’m voting in order to try and keep someone out. Sad.

  4. Amen! After a month at Dad’s and now back home I’m so sick of all the nasty, terrible ads, I feel once again like I don’t care to vote for any of them. What the world needs now is LOVE!

  5. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I also have come to dread and despise political campaigns. I am so looking forward to this election being over so I don’t have to be bombarded with all this negativity. We have lost civility, and if we aren’t careful, we will lose our civilization along with it.

  6. I had a poli sci professor who said “If you stand for nothing, you will fall for everything.” Figure out what you believe in and stand for and vote to protect it. Too many have sacrificed for you not to exercise this right.

  7. I wish more would use United States Citizen, US citizen or Citizen of USA like Jo did in her post. American should mean people from North, Central & South America. Not just people from USA. While vacationing in Canada I am asked “are you from the States?” Co-workers from South America use the term “YOU Americans” not in a pleasant way. Then are surprised when I say “you’re American too.” We need to remember The America’s are bigger than just the United States.

  8. Oh, Jo! I completely agree with you! It is time for our politicians to stop fighting each other and start getting things done.

  9. I love the Mute button on the remote. I use it every time a pharmaceutical or political ad comes on and I always use it for Flo’s commercials. I appreciate and agree with it all you’ve said. My mother had another saying, “You can think it, just don’t say it!” My girls still quote it to me.

  10. Jo, it was far worse with our founding fathers! Remember that Aaron Burr actually killed Alexander Hamilto in a duel! And then brothers killed brothers in the Civil War. The blessing of this country is the grand experiment that we are, and the growing pains we must endure, and the work that lies ahead. Never forget that, as bad as things may be, we are free to voice opinions and viewpoints without fear of being chopped up in bits and buried in the garden of our political rivals. Participate. Inform yourself. Vote. It’s your contribution to your grandchildren’s future.

  11. I’m to the point we should fire all of them and start over with people who are for the country not the party.
    Now it’s like voting for the lesser of two evils.

  12. Sad to say our founding fathers did not get along any better than politicians today. I have been reading Ron Chernow’s book Hamilton and it is a wonder that our nation withstood all the turmoil of that time. I do wish that politicians would remember that they are elected to serve their constituents rather than special interest groups.

  13. Thank you Jo for not making your blog political! After the last presidential election, I was so disappointed with the quilt blogs who posted about the election! I do not care how you voted or if I agree with you or not! I do not want to read about politics on a quilt blog!!! I consider my quilt blogs to he “happy news”! I totally agree with everything you wrote today. Our country is sadly so divided.

  14. Jo, like everyone else, I am in agreement. In fact, I have a feeling that the majority in our country are in agreement. So, why don’t they listen? Well, that’s another subject for honest debate. Thank you for being so open and honest with us.

  15. CBS showed two individuals in Vermont both campaigning hard for a position who ended their speeches by playing a lovely duet together. It brought tears to my eyes.

  16. Carol Lorraine Stearns

    Thank you Jo. Unfortunately, the fars are so far apart, they refuse to listen to or even speak to the other far. Sad but true. I wish for the best outcome for our country that we can possibly get. Those that really do want to work for the AMerican people to bring us together.

  17. Agree, agree, agree. There are 2 gentlemen running in my state that are being decent human beings. One is an elephant, one is a donkey. They each may just get my vote. But you didn’t hear that from me ;-)

  18. I agree with Deborah Burgess. The United States may have its problems but we are by far a great nation. Politicians are just that politicians. Sickening. I also sit with the remote right next to me as I watch TV. As soon as a political ad comes on, boom, I hit the mute button. I’m not listening to their crap any longer. Also, thanks for keeping your blog about quilting:)

  19. AMEN!!!!!! Recently I met 2 couples 1 from Australia & 1 from England. We had a lovely time together but both stated how sad for the US that our campaigns are full of such hateful, negative candidates! Sad commentary – it’s always eye opening to hear how others view our country. I do believe we are a work in progress- but I also admit I don’t watch any ads or any news programs.

  20. I look the candidates up on their website. That’s where they have what they believe in and are positive about themselves. I make a decision on who to vote for based on that, not on their opponents negative rhetoric about them.

  21. I think you are my Sister from another Mother!!! We have so many similar thoughts & interests–far more than my own blood Sister. Thank you for saying what I think & feel, I’m so glad it’s not just me! Hugs to you Sis. Janine Baker

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