Ramblings of Firemen and Quilting

I had wanted to have this baby quilt finished but…it’s not.  The top is done.  The batting is pieced.  The back is pieced.  Hopefully tonight, it will get on the quilt machine.


The quilt is for Brady…the newest member of one of my favorite families.   If you look close you can see that the fabric has firemen motifs.

Just as I was piecing the backing for the quilt the pager went off and Brady’s Dad’s volunteer fire department was called out to a fire.  A short time later my hubby’s volunteer fire department was called for mutual aide.   There was a big fire in their small town and they needed extra help from area fire departments.

As a wife and mother of volunteer firemen, it’s a tense time the whole time the firemen are at a fire.  The guys train and train but sometimes training isn’t enough to keep them safe.  Thankfully, they all came home safe….the people in the town are safe.

While I tensely waited to hear news from the fire, I sewed and sewed….The baby quilt is completely ready for the machine….and I made LOTS of progress on my crumb blocks.   I am thankful for firemen…but I’m also thankful that I have a great hobby like quilting to get me through the tense times.

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  1. I completely understand as my #2 granddaughter is a paramedic/firefighter and has been in some dangerous situations. Thankfully her team has come home safe.

  2. I am married to a retired firefighter. He served for 30 years in a busy metropolis and I can relate to your situation. Thankfully we all are safe.

  3. It is a beautiful quilt. Tell your husband thank you for volunteering. My father was a voulnteer fire man all his life. When he died they took him on one last ride in the truck. What a gift the fireman gave my family by transporting him to his final resting place. I will alway be grateful for what volunteer fireman do to protoct their neighbors and their communities.

  4. Please thank your husband and friend for their service to your communities.
    I love your quilt – so cute and will be so appreciated.

  5. Martha Simpson

    My daughter is a volunteer Paramedic/Fire fighter, her hubby is a volunteer and my son is a paid Fire Medic for our very rural county. I made a baby quilt for his oldest son using ff fabric. Love your quilt!

  6. I understand completely as I am married to a professional firefighter who spent 30 years in Maine’s largest fire department. Now, it’s a big calmer as he teaches the next generation of firefighters at the local community college. I am in the process of making my own FF quilt – a nap size quilt for our grandson who is infatuated with firetrucks, fire radios, fire helmets and anything else to do with firefighters. I was fortunate to find a few pieces of the fabric that is based on the firetruck in the movie Cars (Pixar). Added a couple blenders and a fabric with red fire hydrants and we will have quilt within a few days. Your quilt is gorgeous and I’m sure it will be treasured for years to come!

  7. I love it! Is it as complicated to make as it looks? Where did you get the pattern? I would like to attempt it.



  8. I l=LOVE the quilt, and I sooo understand. My husband was in law enforcement and putting a pistol on his hip every morning and going out I also had to have a hobby such as this to get me through. I would love to try the pattern.

  9. What a wonderful quilt, it looks complicated. Love the fireman motif, a fantastic way to honor firemen!

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