Raising Him Right

Last week the firemen from Waucoma had a controlled burn.  There was a house in the flood plain that the owners decided to move from.  The neighbors bought the property and decided to clear it off and add to their property.  In order to do that, the house had to go.

As most of you know, Hubby and Craig, Kalissa’s husband are both on the fire department.  Kalissa called me and said, “Hey, let’s take Carver on a walk to see the fire.”  Well in our small town, the fire department going out and burning a house is highly entertaining….but for Kalissa and I it was a little more than that.  We all want Carver to grow up and want to volunteer in community.  Although, he’s little, he can still start learning.

We took the dogs with too….


See the people out in lawn chairs?  They weren’t the only ones watching….


When we got around the fire truck, Craig was on the pumper and said Hi to Carver.  He did recognize his “Da-Da”.


There really wasn’t a lot to see….just a pile of wood on fire.


…and Grandpa on the hose!!


Our family really believes in helping out when you can whether that be through your job or through volunteering in our communities.


And we believe in supporting the people who do volunteer.  Hubby and I worked hard to teach that to our kids and all of them are pretty good at….now it’s time to teach the next generation.  Exposure and showing by example are the first steps!

3 thoughts on “Raising Him Right”

  1. I love this Jo, you and your family do so much for our community! You are exactly right kids should be taught the importance of volunteerism from Carver’s age and right on up!

  2. So glad you do this. I’ve been teaching my kids since a young age also. I remember my daughter mikayla telling me are felt like KIT ( American doll girl from the 20s) when helping out a thanksgiving for the homeless. I pray they carry this on.

  3. I have never seen this as a method of house removal. Why didn’t the owners simply tear it down? who pays for this? What would happen if a firefighter got hurt? seems like a potential liability problem.

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