Rain-Rain-Go Away…

When I was little my dad would always say, “Rain, rain, go away, come again another day, little Joey wants to play”.  (Yep, he called me Joey!)

Here’s Ruby sitting on the steps under the over hang looking out onto our rainy day.


I couldn’t help but say, “Rain, rain, go away.  Come again another day.  Little Ruby wants to play”.

It makes me so hesitant to say anything about the rain.  After last summer and getting no rain, this is a real blessing.  I think I could however say, “Snow, snow, go away.  Come again another day.  Hubby needs to plant crops today.”

Yes,  we have a chance for tomorrow.  UGH!

But on the bright side of all of this….Ruby, our beagle is happy and again healthy.  After all our troubles and surgery last week, that is something to celebrate.

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11 thoughts on “Rain-Rain-Go Away…”

  1. We got 3 inches just this evening. I don’t think my dh will be doing any field work for a few days. He’s getting frustrated but then again, if we have a summer like last year, this moisture will be good to have in the ground. I hope we don’t end up with a late planting this year though…

  2. We had the opposite last year. We had about three weeks of extreme heat and then so much rain it ruined nearly all the crops. I felt so sorry for all the farmers.

  3. How sweet Ruby is! My grandparents always called me Josie. Is Jo short for anything? My name is just Jo, not shortened. I have to say i’ve aleays liked my name. Bet you get tons of mail addresses to MR. Jo …i know i do!

  4. Our dog does a similar thing. When raining she goes short distance from garage door to front porch and then sits on the top step to decide is she really “needs” to “go out.”

  5. I was watching the radar map on Accuweather yesterday and saw the rain just stuck over Iowa most of the day and evening. This morning Accuweather said 4.88″ of rain near Ottumwa. We, of course, are having another snowstorm. Doesn’t Mother Nature know it’s supposed to be Spring now?

  6. it is snowing in Central Minnesota–such a strange year—I too am glad for any kind of moisture getting into the ground….we have thawed five inches down now and it all isn’t just running off anymore.

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