Rail Fence Finished!!!

We’ve had so many weddings this year.  The end of September marks our last one (at least as far as I know) wedding for the year.  I’ve made quilts for many of them..nothing fancy, just a rail fence quilt.


I sure wish I’d have had more time to do something fancier but all in all, this is good.  The fun part of this quilt, I really never sat down and just sewed on it.  I would sew a few seams here and there.  Then the phone would ring and I’d iron and cut the blocks.  I love this next picture of Ruby….


I didn’t have quite as good variety in this one that I did on the others I made.  I was running low on white pieces, but it’s not bad.  I am sure the couple will find some use for it even if it’s only the blanket in the care for emergencies.


The backing and binding are the same.

I used a red thread on front and back with a swirl design.

All in all I’m happy with it and especially glad to have it finished.  All I need to do is wrap it up and get a card for it.  I’m well ahead of the deadline.  The wedding isn’t until the end of the month.  We are are excited to go to the wedding it’s being held in our town’s new event center and the guy getting married used to work here on the farm.  It’s nice to see the kids grow up and make their way.

For now…one more thing is checked off the list with the finish of this quilt.

7 thoughts on “Rail Fence Finished!!!”

  1. I love the Rail Fence quilt pattern. You took your time to make a homemade gift, could have given a Gift Card. This is so special I’m sure they will love it. You did a great job – looks awesome!

  2. Great job Joe! I wish I could get organized enough to do more quilts for weddings and babies etc. I get caught up in the fact that if I do for one I have to do for all.

  3. This has enough white in it. I like the contrast and the best part, it is Ruby approved. I am sure she would not be sitting so pretty if she did not like it.

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