Rail Fence and Connect Four from our Readers

I have recently gotten in a few photos of quilts made from our patterns.  I hope to share them with you over the next week.

These were made by Barb.  The first is our Quick and Easy Rail Fence Jelly Roll Quilt and the second with the light background is our Connect Four quilt that you can find in our book Country Girl Modern.

Aren’t they wonderful??  I love the colors.

DSCN0142 (2)

Barb writes, “Hi Jo and Kelli, I just finished making two quilts, using your patterns. I was so pleased with the results. The first one was the Quick & Easy Rail Fence Jelly Roll Quilt. I had two jelly rolls of “Celeste” that I loved. I wondered what would show it off best, and decided the rail fence was perfect. Then, because I couldn’t just throw away the strip set trimmings, I adapted your Connect Four pattern for the smaller quilt.

In the picture, are two of my four “girls”, Missy and Ginger.  Thanks for all your inspiration.”

Thanks for the awesome work you did showcasing out quilts Barb.  Both of the quilts are keepers.

You can find the link to the FREE Quick and Easy Rail Fence Jelly Roll Quilt pattern by following this link.  You can get the pattern for our Connect Four quilt in our book Country Girl Modern.  Here is a link to order that.

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  1. Hi Jo and Kelli! I finished May Flowers that I started at the Iowa Retreat. I love how it turned out! I usually do traditional quilts in darker colors…civil war reproductions are my favorite… so this was a little different for me. Thanks for helping me expand my horizons! I’ll send you a pic in the next few days when I can get a good one. Piece and Joy! Irene

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