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Reember a while back when mom told you all about making strawberry pie?  Well I had the pleasure of delivering and helping to serve the pie to the Ragbrai riders as they came through my adopted hometown of Castalia.

Prior to the Ragbrai Riders coming through town, my church discovered that they would need to do some extensive repairs to their steeple and had decided that selling pie when Ragbrai came through would be a great opportunity to raise money to do so.  There were a few different groups that got together to make pie in the days before Ragbrai and boy-oh-boy were there pies!

Pie 2 (300x400)

This was about halfway through and only one of three tables upstairs and another downstairs.  I believe that their goal was 1000 pieces of pie, but that was definitely surpassed.  They ended up having closer to 1250 pieces I believe.  I headed up there at about 8 to sell pie as I had to work the overnight that night and I would be able to sneak home in the afternoon to grab a quick nap before my weekend of overnights.

Ragbrai rider had already been going through since before I got there.  This meant that they had about a 40 mile bike ride already done for the day.  As the morning went on and turned to lunch time, there were more and more bikers.

Pie 7 (300x400)

Castalia is a very small town–population 173 at the 2010 census kind of small.  There’s a church, a bar, and a post office that is open a few hours each day.  It almost seemed like the population was doubling every 10 minutes or so!

Pie 4 (300x400)

If you look close, there was a gentleman riding more of an eliptical styled bike in the red shirt.

Pie 5 (300x400)

There was even a family riding!  The little girl that was on the back of this bike couldn’t have been any older than 3 or 4!

Pie 3 (300x400)

Oftentimes, groups come up with fun costumes too–All the ladies here had glitter sequined skirts!

Pie (300x400)

This is where I got to hang out most of the day–Selling pies!  It was really fun to see where the riders were from and how they ended up hearing of Ragbrai.  Most explanations included a family member from Iowa or a relative from Iowa that they were joining!  How fitting that the stopped in our little family friendly town.

A not so little known secret about mom is that she likes to cook.  One thing that she does is decide that she is going to master something and then will continue to make and tweak it until she has it perfect.  Pie is one of those things that she has worked hard at mastering.  One of the coordinators of the pie sale said they talked to someone and they said that in the many years they had ridden Ragbrai, the strawberry pie that she had made was the best that he had ever had–hands down!  Needless to say, I think we can place “Pie Mastery” on her list of accomplishments!

6 thoughts on “RAGBRAI 2017”

  1. Kelly, you and your mom’s pies were awesome!! Thanks so much for the help too!! You are a hard worker!! Glad you picked us as your new church community!!

  2. I look forward to reading yours and Jo’s posts. So interesting. Re: the elliptical-looking bicycle–I believe it’s an Elliptigo. Info for these can be found on http://www.Elliptigo.com.
    Our son, daughter, and three grandchildren have these. They live in California, where Elliptigo company is located. My husband had to have one also, of course, but hasn’t been able to ride much. They’re better on the joints than running–Olympic athletes have ridden on them for training.
    Keep up your wonderful posts–so informative. (I’m the quilter in the family).

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