Radiation on Wednesday

This week was a bit of challenge when it came to radiation for Kramer.  Our daughter Kelli was on schedule for driving Kramer to Lacrosse for treatment.  Well Wednesdays are tough days for Kramer.  The chemo he gets on Monday wipes him out on Wednesdays.  Kramer has gotten to where he kind of likes me to drive on Wednesdays.  He can sleep if he wants and doesn’t feel like he needs to act sociable.

Kelli and I chatted about it and she was fine to do childcare and have me take Kramer.

Then as the day got closer we were VERY sure I was going to take Kramer as the weather predictions came in not so good.  Minnesota was to have rain, snow, freezing rain and possible ice.  For those of you who don’t know, we live in northeast Iowa.  To get to Lacrosse Wisconsin where Kramer gets treatment, we drive through Minnesota.  Where we live we were suppose to only have rain…but lots of it.

Kramer and I ended up leaving our house at 1pm.  I had the kids all down for nap and fed lunch before I left.  Then off we went…We got a half hour down the road and things were going good.  The roads were wet but fine.

After that, every 10 miles or so, the roads got worse.

From the photo, they don’t look bad.  But in reality they were.  It was a slushy mess.  I could drive about 45 miles an hour.  As we got to Minnesota….the roads turned even worse.  See?

By now we started joking saying we didn’t need to slow down once we got into towns as we were already only driving 30mph. UGH.  We were troupers and carried on.  There wasn’t much other traffic on the road and that was a relief.

Kramer always says he trusts our driving but not everyone else’s.    That’s so true.

The normal 90 mile trip turned into a longer trip than normal.  We were thankful that we left early.  We did make it to his appointment on time.  That is because the roads got better and better until finally at about 15 miles away from the clinic, the roads turned to normal wet driving conditions.

By then we knew that we would probably be best if we got a hotel and stayed overnight.  We didn’t want to drive through that again especially when we didn’t know the roads would get better.

The clinic was awesome and allowed us get an early appointment for Thursday.  So with a hotel booked, radiation done and the night to kill, we went all out and went to McDonalds.  Thanks to the blog reader who gifted us a McDonalds gift card.  We appreciate the supper.

We stayed overnight.  He got radiation right away at 8am and then we were back on the road heading home.  The roads, again, were bad.  From Lacrosse, through Caledonia, then Spring Grove the roads stunk.  Some of the schools were closed as the roads were bad.  By the time we hit the Minnesota/Iowa border things were finally MUCH better.

A stop at the thrift store, and then home we went.  We were both so glad to be home.  What a couple days…I heard faint rumors that there is suppose to be storms Sunday night…UGH.  I hope not.  It would be so nice if traveling wasn’t a problem.

As for how the week went:
Tuesday was the best day Kramer has had since he had surgery…and now Wednesday, it was a bad day…as was Thursday.  Everything is so unpredictable.  The good news is that we are learning to expect the unexpected….like weather….new side effects…..We can do this.  We are 14 treatments done…19 to go.  AH..I know it’s not half but everyday that goes by, we’re getting closer and closer.  Today I have the day off driving.  I can’t tell you how thankful I am for the days I can drive and how thankful I am for the days I don’t need to.  A little bit of both is a  happy balance for me.  I do have to say, we kind of liked the going to the treatment in the afternoon, staying overnight, getting treatment right away in the morning and then heading home…so even though I complain about the weather, it actually turned out okay.


15 thoughts on “Radiation on Wednesday”

  1. So sorry to hear you are still getting snow! It’s the middle of April and the last thing you need. Hope next week goes better for hubby and your family. Chemo is a day to day battle. Kelli is a godsend! You are so blessed to have family close.

  2. I am sure he can sleep and not feel like he has to be social. I would tell him to get an I-pod whatever and ear plugs and doze away. Whoever is driving will be just fine with that. Prayers for all of you.

  3. Here I had been thinking you were done with winter and it was good timing for treatments. Well, not completely! Glad it all went well even so.

  4. Hoping for clear sailing (ok… driving!) ahead. I am glad that you are able to keep your spirits up throughout this ordeal. It’s a talent that not every person has. Hang in there, you guys!!

  5. Been thinking about Kramer’s treatments and the weather as the news mentioned how bad it would be up there. Good to hear you made it okay. I know what you mean about trusting your own driving. I’m like that too. I don’t like getting out and driving when the roads are bad but not because of my ability. It’s the other drivers I worry about. Next week you’ll be halfway and the weather should be less of an issue as time goes forward. Continued prayers!!

  6. Hearing of this type of weather reinforces me living in Florida. What a mess. Almost halfway there! Maybe on Wednesdays, you could always stay in a hotel and have early appmts. Would be so much easier for you.

  7. Marianne Barta

    Wishing you all the best on those darn roads — it can be scarry. Sunshine will be on the way! Prayers and Hugs to you and family.

  8. I got one chuckle from that post. You stopped to thrift on the way home. If that had been me I’d be the old horse heading for the barn. NO STOPS. You are a dedicated thrifter!

  9. Glad you were able to spend the night! Anything you can do to decrease stress is a winner in my book. So glad you have backup for day care and that you are able to do this! One day at a time and you will get through this!

  10. You are a trouper! It is said that we’re not given more than we can handle — but c’mon!! Hang in there Jo. Many of us are sending good thoughts to your whole family
    How is Gannon?.

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