Quilts of Valor

I have wanted to make a Quilt of Valor for a long time, but like everything else in life, something more urgent seems to come along.  Today I found a blog that is new to me, Patchwork Times.  Judy of Patchwork Times is having a Memorial Day challenge to make a Quilt of Valor that she designed.

Here’s the photo of the quilt from Judy’s blog.  Isn’t it gorgeous?   If you have the quilt to her by June 6, she will provide the batting and backing and make sure it gets sent off to the right people.  I know that it is a STEEP challenge but I think I am up for it.  We don’t have plans for the weekend, and daughter Kayla, will be home for a day.  I am thinking I can get her to cut or iron a bit.  I have a good audio book on my MP3 player so it looks like it’s a go.  I dug through my fabric and have found that I’ll need to purchase just a bit more dark blue fabric but it’s still available at the local quilt store so no worry.  If you want to quilt a long, hop over to Judy’s blog and get the instructions…it’s listed on the sidebar under Memorial Day Quilt a Long.

While you are there check out Judy’s blog and the free quilting patterns listed in the side bar.  I also found out that Judy has published TWO books.  Yes…I did go over to Amazon and put them on my wish list.  I admit, quilting books are a HUGE weakness for me.  Hubby always wonders how I can page through the same quilting book so many times.

Judy’s book, Weekend Quilts, is written with a busy quilter in mind.  The quilts are broken up into steps that should take about an hour for each step.  Lots of us don’t have a day’s worth of quilting time, but many of us can squeak out an hour’s worth of time.  As I write this, I think I am caving to the pressure and just might have to take that book out of my Amazon Wish List and throw it into my shopping cart.  I know….if I get this quilt done and donated to Quilts of Valor I will treat myself to Judy’s book….the race is on…..

3 thoughts on “Quilts of Valor”

  1. you will la,la,love her new book! and I noticed your completed post recently so I’m sure by now you have already kept your promise of treating yourself to it!

    It’s very well written and one that EVERY quilter should have!

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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