Quilts of 2019

I didn’t get many quilts finished this year.  In January my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer that moved to his bones.  He passed away at the beginning of June.  I touched a sewing machine very-very little from his diagnosis to his death.  After that, it was still hard to get time to sew.  In October or so I got my mojo back and am sewing again.

I am actually surprised with how many quilts I did get finished.  Here’s the parade of quilts that I finished in 2019.

Hunter’s Star
You can read about it HERE.
I got this pattern free when I ordered Bonnie Hunter’s newest book, String Frenzy.  While I waited for the book to arrive, I sewed this as it was a download pattern.  I was super fun to make.  I love string quilts so of course I enjoyed the making.  I made mine larger.

My Spider Web String Quilt
Read about it HERE.
This one I didn’t sew in 2019 but machine quilted and finished in 2019.  I started this at a Bonnie Hunter class in 2017.  Again, I love strings so I enjoyed making this.  Mine is larger than the pattern.

Gannon’s Baby Quilt
Read about it HERE.
I love making these improv quilts for my grandkids.  You can look at the tabs at the top of this post.  Under Quilting you’ll find a subcategory of “Crumb along with me”….I have general directions to make a quilt like this-except for the letters.  I have a tutorial planned for the letters coming up in February or so.

Georgia’s Baby Quilt
Read about it HERE.
This is my granddaughter Georgia’s improv baby quilt.  I made these quilts back to back.

Scrappy Leftovers
Read about it HERE.
This was a fun quilt.  Can you tell I like improv?  This was simple improv done in a plain alternate block lay out.  These were scraps given to me by Tina.  So FUN!!

Blue Baby Quilt
Read about it HERE.
I bought a baggie of 3 1/2″ scraps for the thrift store and sewed this together for a baby quilt.  I’ll donate it at some point.

Pink Geese on a String
Read about it HERE.
I started this long ago making the geese triangles and then it went to UFO status.  I started finishing this spring and finally finished it this fall.  I’m gifted this to one of my childcare kids.

Crooked Courthouse Steps
Read about it HERE.
This one I made immediately after Bonnie Hunter did a tutorial on the block.  I loved making this.  This one was gifted to a childcare kid.

Purple Geese on a String
Read about it HERE.
This is a companion quilt to the pink version listed earlier in this post.  This was also be gifted to a childcare kid.

Hourglass Quilt
Read about it HERE.
I was on a roll making quilts to gift my older childcare kids.  I was looking for something simple and quick.  I picked this free pattern on Bonnie Hunter’s site.  I ADORED making this quilt.  I will likely make another someday.  SO-SO FUN to make.

Wild Child
Read about it HERE.
This is another quilt I gifted to my childcare kid.  This one came about after I had 20 leftover blocks after making Wild Child from Bonnie Hunter’s String Fling book.  I loved making this too.  So fun.  Again it’s string pieced so of course I love it.

The food quilt got finished with the help of Jean.  Read about that HERE.

We had quilts featured in magazines over the last year.
Farmstead Gathering
Read about it HERE.
Our friend Connie did the sewing on this one.

Rustic Charm
Read about it HERE.
I had sewn this one sometime back.  I didn’t know what I wanted to do for the machine quilting and finally had our friend Carla of Longarm Quilting Inspirations quilt it for us.

All Are Welcome
Read about it HERE.  This one came together as an effort to use up all the bonus triangles I had.  I am nowhere close to using them up and that’s okay.  I love working with them and love when blog readers send their bonus triangles my way.

Be Bold
Read about it HERE.

We do have another quilt that is being featured in American Patchwork and Quilting’s Feb 2020 issue but I’ll hold that one over for quilting of 2020.

What started out as a not so productive year of quilting ended up to be a busy year of quilting.  I can’t wait to see what the new year brings.

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  1. Hi Jo, I googled to see if the Halloween Hoopla quilt can be made in different sizes. On the FB link, it says there are 4 sizes. I would love to make this in throw size, do you know where I can find fabric amounts and cutting instructions? In my APQ Oct 2021 magazine, I only have the 98 1/2″ square fab requirements and instructions. Thank you for any help. I LOVE this pattern! Cant wait to make it!

    1. Sadly I have no idea as far as fabric requirements go. We sold the design to APQ and they write the pattern so they would be the ones to contact. I’m guessing you could take the measurements and divide them by three.

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