Quilts of 2010-April Edition

I’m doing a little series of posts that feature old blog posts.  I have been going back and looking at them.  It’s been fun.  I started blogging in June of 2009…WOW.  Over Ten years.  I’m so glad I’ve kept the blog as a diary of sorts…today I’m telling you about the quilts and other quilt related things I discovered in April of 2010.

I was working on Schnibbles at the time.  These are patterns from Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie and Company.  This one was tag along.  This was gifted to Kramer’s mom.  We got it back after she died and I think Kelli has it now.

The quilt was for my nephew for a confirmation gift.   The pattern is a Atkinson Design pattern, called Slide Show.   You can read more about it HERE.

I was a little daring with my quilting…  It was a variegated thread that I did flames.


I was busy working on my English Paper Piecing….see?

This project is still in progress.  Sadly since taking up cross stitch more, it’s moved even further back on the burner.

Kalissa was making projects with fabric slivers that I had left over.  These might be fun to do with the little ones in your life.  We just tied fabric slivers on to a ponytail holder.

The looked really cute in hair.

SliverHairbandinI know hair scrunchies are popular now so these might go too.

We also made these….it’s a fabric cover notebook

This one is done with “slivers” from the Charisma fabric line.  You will need a notebook with an oversized “chunky” spiral.

Measure the notebook cover.  Cut a scrap of fabric to that size.  Cut a piece of clear contact paper about an inch larger on each side. Take the paper off the contact paper and lay in sticky side up on a table.  Take the fabric and place it UPSIDE down on the contact paper placing it all the way to the edge of the side that will butt the coil binding.  Put a small amount of glue on the notebook cover.  Position the fabric/contact paper in place.  Bring the edges of the contact paper around the cover and stick them in place.  You may want to trim the corners on the contact paper to have it be less bulky.  If you are using a plastic covered notebook, you might need to use clear packaging tape to hold the contact paper in place.  Now take the fabric “slivers” and tie one to each individual coil.  Trim if necessary.

I also did a bit of a free pattern made with bonus triangles….this.

You can read all about that and see the pattern HERE.

When I read the blog posts I also saw that I had stopped at Country Threads.  Oh my….I so wish they were still open.  If you want to see the shop tour, follow THIS LINK.  It seriously was the best quilt shop!!

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  1. I loved going to Country Threads when I visited my mom in Osage. They had the most wonderful civil war fabrics and the most shop samples of anyone. I still have some of there books and lots of patterns. I was so glad I went right before they closed and scooped up lots of patterns. I really like the ponytail idea and book cover with the skinny strips of fabric, how cute. Our peonies and iris are in full bloom here in TN and its wonderful to see so much color.

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