Quilts from the Iowa State Fair

Our family ventured down to the Iowa State Fair a week or so ago.  I had always heard that there were quilts there but I had new seen them.  Boy….was I missing something awesome.

I snapped a few photos so that you could enjoy a taste of the Iowa State Fair quilts too.









Check this one out.  It is made out of TINY squares.  There was a photo near the quilt that the quilt was modeled after.  All I can say is WOW….I would NEVER try that…but what a masterpiece.

Next is a quilt pattern that I have actually made…


That’s today’s eye candy.  I’ll show you a few more of the quilts tomorrow.

If you want to see more quilts from the Iowa State Fair, follow this link.

3 thoughts on “Quilts from the Iowa State Fair”

  1. Thanks for sharing these great pics! I love looking at all of them and I saw a couple I’d like to put on my list of quilts I want to make – its a loooooooooonnnnggg list – LOL!

  2. There are some very talented quilters in Iowa. Thanks for taking the time to place the photos on your blog for all to see.

    I truly enjoy seeing the ideas and colors used by SEW many quilters around the US and the world.

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