Quilts from the Cresco Ladies

The Cresco Ladies were at my house a bit ago.  Oh my, did they ever have tops.  Check this out…two bags stuffed with tops.

There were tops of all sorts…

Check out this tic tac toe with xs and and os.  Can you see that the os won?

These were all can prints.

Here’s a charm square top…

This one has a panel fabric in the middle.

So does this one…Sometimes, this is the best thing to do with these styles of prints.

This one commemorates breast cancer.  See the pink ribbons?

This was a cute way to sue up some Halloween prints.

I sent this one along with a few others to Ray.

Sandra from the Cresco Ladies group ask me to send a few his way.

This was a panel top…

This was another panel type print that was made into a quilt top.

This one was likely my favorite of the tops with the larger print fabric in the center.

…but I really like this panel one too.

That one got put in Ray’s pile.  I know he does the “Airing of the quilts” fundraiser for the church so that one would be perfect.

Lots of panels and large print tops…
Sandra and I both would love some other good ideas of what to do with these prints.

I would say of all of the types of fabrics that come in, this is one of the most popular types.

Of all the tops…I really liked this one best.  It’s just funky…in a great way.

More orphan block tops were made.

You might remember the gals made a whole bunch in a previous shipment.

Four patch tops are always popular.

The quilt top below features dog prints.
Another four patch…

This is a medallion-style type top.

Here is a Christmasy one…

Here is another…

…and one winter-themed.

I believe this was put together from ophan blocks I sent in the last shipment.

I put this one and a couple of others into a stack for come gals that make quilts for Lutheran World Relief.  I think they can add some borders and bring it up to the 60  x 80 size that they need.

The gals that make the quilts love getting these.

This was a cute print with bears…

There was a bear theme going on…

I know Sandra sorts and collects then has a day to tackle something.  This must have been bear day!!

More orphan blocks…

Next comes a BUNCH of string quilts…

I contacted a Lutheran World Relief group and they said they would love to have these.

That is where I sent most of them.

The group is local so I can hand deliver these.

These string block tops were heavy as the people who made the blocks used fabric for the foundation.

It will save on postage if they stay local so that’s what I decided to do.  The group that is getting them was tickled.

That completes the Cresco Ladies quilt show.  I’m sure they will have another bunch before I know it.  It seems I get their quilts photographed and sent out and another batch comes in.  They keep me hopping.  Thanks ladies for your hard work and thanks so much to the people who donate the fabric that gets sent their way.

9 thoughts on “Quilts from the Cresco Ladies”

  1. Such lovely quilt tops that will be enjoyed by so many children and adults. I am thinking that the people who will machine quilt the tops will add to the beauty of all the quilts.
    All of these quilts are so cheerful and will certainly be enjoyed by the recipients.
    All the people who made these quilt tops have really used their talents to create these quilt tops. Kudos to all of you!

  2. Margaret in North Texas

    The Cresco ladies do a magnificent job in creating quilts with with all of the fabric and blocks sent their way. You are to be commended! Thanks

  3. Did anyone else have trouble seeing the second half of the pictures? The last picture I saw was the stars, 4 patches with striped border, then no more pictures.

  4. Jo, I’ve used the “honor” pattern by Villa Rosa Designs as a starting point for pieces of large fabric prints, for quilts I sew for foster kids. With 2 or 3 solids or “reads like solids” fabric, a child-size quilt goes together quickly. Also maryquilts.com has many free patterns for strippie quilts.
    Enjoy your blog!

  5. Love seeing what the Cresco ladies do with all those panels and orphan blocks, so clever. I feel inspired to make a string quilt after seeing so many, great colors and wonderful for Lutheran World Relief. Nice job ladies.

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