Quilts from the Cresco Ladies

Sandra came by the other day and laughing handed me a bag of quilt tops saying, “I think this installment should be called Christmas in June.”  I think we are all familiar with “Christmas in July” sayings but the gals bumped it up to Christmas in June…HA!

They sent a big bag full and there was a lot of variety.

There was a string quilt…

Here is a cute Precious Moments one…

Two of the letter were missing so the ladies improvised with some self, fabric-painted blocks.  Great Idea!!

Here was a take on a panel-type print fabric…

..a fun four-patch!

This one, I loved…

Check out the fussy cut corners on this.  SO CUTE!

More orphan blocks got used up…

This one was really nice.  I love the colors.

Here is a framed four-patch.  I think this is a great “go-to” pattern for charity quilters.

More orphan blocks got used up in this one…

…and a panel quilt.  That outer fabric is a great celestial print.

I think this was my favorite of the bunch.  I love that big zig-zag fabric around the outside.

Some orphan blocks got used up too!  Awesome.

Here is a fall panel quilt top.  The top green fabric I know came from me!

Now we’re into the Christmas in June section…

Some of these were bigger and some smaller.  The smaller ones will go to my friend that makes lap robes for the veterans at VA hospital at Christmas.

Check out the silly moose.

The next is perfect for the VA at Christmas…snowman and a flag stripe too.

There were Santas!!

This was a sampler version.  So cute!  That tree was an orphan block from a blog reader.

All of these are wrinkled and if I had time, they would have looked much better pressed.

There are the silly moose again!

You’ll see them all prettied up once they are finished.

That’s all for this time.  Like I said at the beginning, what a variety to tops!  Thanks to the Cresco ladies and thanks to all who have sent fabric their way.

10 thoughts on “Quilts from the Cresco Ladies”

  1. I love the quilts. These are the type of quilts we were making for charity in Delaware. Using what we had, ad libbing and enjoying the journey. No terribly difficult patterns that depended on perfection to be called good. Lots of strip quilts, panel quilts, little pictures quilts, etc. I miss the group there so much.
    I have no place to send/donate tops to here in Alabama as there is not even a quilt store within miles!!!
    Can I send tops? Where?
    Sincerely, Judi Ward

    1. Judy, I’m trying to encourage people to find someone on the charity donation list and to send quilts their way. Here is a list. Check to see if someone matches what you have to donate. If you don’t find someone you can always send them to me at
      Jo Kramer
      111 2nd Ave NE
      Waucoma, IA 52171

    2. Juli , where are you located? I have wanted a group like this, too! I am in Eastern Oregon—have lots of orphans that could become quilts but no where to send them either finished or unfinished. Anyone in the Eastern Oregon or Boise area want to start a Cresco ladies group?

  2. These quilts are very pretty and like so many quilts are very unique. I guess my favorite is the colorful nine patch one. I like bold colors and that hit me. Thank you Cresco ladies for such great quilts!! It will be fun to see them all again in their finished state.

  3. I recognize some of the fabrics that I sent along a couple months ago and I am thrilled to see it is being put to good use. Knowing someone will be wrapped in a cozy quilt from things I knew I would never get to makes me so happy. I am excited to be part of the giving process. The Cresco Ladies are so creative and their quilts are adorable!

    1. Isn’t it great to see your donations doing good in the life of others. Seeing these types of things is what keeps me wanting to do this. Thanks for you donation…Jo

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