Quilts from the Cresco Ladies

Sandra called me and let me know she had quilt tops for me.  She warned me saying there was a lot and I should be prepared.

Sandra said they had made some tops and were not in the middle of a big push to make orphan block quilts.  Several of them were working for a week to try to get together as many tops as they could.  You all have been so generous with orphan blocks so they thought they could make quite a few.

I had to laugh when Sandra came.  She had a big bag of tops in a contractor bag plus another bag of tops.  Oh my.  She was right.  They did have a lot of tops!!  She was going out the door and I stopped her.  I said, “Wait. I have stuff for you.  I want to clean this out.”  Sandra laughed and said. “That’s why we came.  We wanted to clean these big bags out of my house.”  HA!!  I guess we just swapped messes.

One of the boxes I gave her had lots of panel pieces of fabric.  Sandra said they will have a panel quilting day later this summer and work on panel quilts.

On to the tops Sandra brought…

This one was appliqued angels on a flag…

I liked this one.  I think this was from orphan blocks.  The layout was clever as it would have been hard to distribute the color with so many blocks the same.  Rather than fight it, they put a row of similar blocks down the center.  Great Idea!

I love the color on the next quilt.  It reminded me of flower gardens.

This is a great design for a donation quilt and would use up lots of 2 1/2″ strips.

This is a…panel with a border.

Here is a four-patch…there is usually one in every bunch of quilts from the Creso ladies and that’s totally okay as I like them.

The design of this quilt is one that caught my eye.  I love the half square triangles that are used for cornerstones and the diagonal they create.

This was a motorcycle fabric that got a top and bottom border.  I can see a little boy loving this.

Here is a similar layout.  The fabric was again used as a panel with borders added.

I love the added strips between the rows on this one.  It jazzes up a simple design.

Next up, one for dog lovers.  There are dogs in the printed fabric.  Look close, you’ll see them.

This next one had a great layout again…it used the same technique of putting a row of blocks down the center.

What a pretty string top.

A blog reader sent the center of this top to me.  I planned on making something with it but never did.  Finally, when I was cleaning my sewing room, I passed it on.

Here is an orphan block top.

The blocks in this are a cheater or panel fabric.  This turned out cute.

More orphan blocks I think…  Love the the deep colors on this.

This one is cute.

No scrap goes unused!!  This next one I’m guessing used the leftovers.

Just a scrappy square top…but I always love them for their simplicity.

Check out the cute butterflies…

Here is another orphan block top.

This one had heart-themed blocks that were embroidered.

Another orphan block quilt…

…and another.  Do you see the tulip block I made and they trimmed??  It was a test block from my tulip quilt that will be coming out in American Patchwork and Quilting.

A quilt for a classic car lover…

This is a disappearing nine patch.

Here is one for the hunter in you.  Lots of fun camouflage colors…

Here’s one for the cowboy in you…I like this one a lot.  It has a few Texas fabrics in it.  Anyone want to finish this and donate it in Texas to a needy cause?

There were two finished quilts in the mix.  This one is a pretty log cabin.  It will be going to my friend in Oelwein…another Sandra…who works to provide quilts for people in her area.

The next is another finished quilt.  This one will be donated to the “Kicking it Forward Benefit”.  This happens in my area in August.  They have a big meal and auction along with a raffle.  All money is collected and later given out to families in need due to unforeseen events.  The people who put the benefit together will give the families monies to help with expenses related to travel due to medical circumstances.  They do an awesome job helping people.

I have donated to the cause since the very beginning.  I always do a large quilt for them and try to get a small one or two to them as well.  The quilts always do well there so it’s a great place to donate to.

The people who put the benefit together were so good to Kelli and Jason when the boys were born.  They were given some money to help with travel expenses back and forth visiting the boys.

It was so appreciated so I want to continue to support the Kicking it Forward group.  Thanks for sending the quilt along ladies.

If anyone is interested in finishing some of these tops, please let me know. I’ll happily pass some along.  You can email me at rogjok@iowatelecom.net.

3 thoughts on “Quilts from the Cresco Ladies”

  1. So many very pretty quilts. I would like to applaud the Cresco ladies for being so creative with the pieces of fabrics they receive. They do so well at making very attractive quilts from what they are given. They certainly do a great job – thank you!

    1. They are a wonderfully creative group! I had to giggle at the “Dogg-O quilt.” Someone made clever use of a Y2K fabric – there were originally “2’s” in front of all those “Os.,” If I’m not mistaken. I always liked that fabric, but never had any in my stash! Keep up the good work, Cresco Ladies!

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