Quilts from the Cresco Ladies

Last week I told you that the Cresco ladies had delivered quilts to me.  I am actually so far behind in writing that there are TWO batches of quilts to show you.  This is the first batch.

There were several string quilts in the mix….

The outer border fabric fame from me!

This next quilt was a flannel quilt….

Another flannel one…

This was fun.  I love the four patches in the middle.

This was more “guy print”.

Lots more string quilts…

I really like these nine patches.  Seriously, nine patches and four patches are my favorite blocks.

There was also this pile of quilt tops that had backings matched with them.  I didn’t unfold them.

About a week later the ladies brought more quilts and quilt tops.  This one was finished…

As was this one…both make great use of charm squares.

More finished quilts…This was a fun design.

Here’s another with great use of charm squares.

There was a pile that needed to be bound.  I already bound these and passed them along to the Nursing Home in Ossian Iowa.  Kelli delivered them.  I showed them in last week’s post.

Next came quilt tops…

This one was flannel with Betty Boop.

This was a creation from half-square triangles.

This was a one patch.  I took this one and finished it with my group for the school kids.

I took this one and finished it too.

This one was one I liked but it was too small to build up quickly to the size I needed.

I thought this was a nice idea for a panel quilt or big print fabric that you don’t want to cut….

…as was this one.

Check out the print.  There is Tony the Tiger…heeeeeee’s GREAT!  (remember the commercials?-I miss that style of commercial)

This one was fun…It was all cowboy themed.  Notice the bigger sky block in two of the corners.  A great idea when you’re running out of fabric.

Someone got artsy and decorated the next box of tops…

I pulled this batik top for the school kids.  I really liked this and thought is perfect for a school kid.  It’s a disappearing nine patch.

This one was pretty big so I pulled it for the school kids too.

The school that I’m doing this for has school colors of red, white, and black so I pulled this one too.

There were a lot of string quilts in this box.

This one looked girly so this one got pulled too.

They must have had a string party get together.  There are so many.

I’m holding this one back too.  I want to finish it so I have something on hand if I need to do this again.  That little flower border has me intrigued.  I love the color of it…a perfect teal.

Here was a fun idea to applique a train in the middle of the quilt with train fabric going all the way around.

This is a panel quilt but nice with good matching borders.

WOW…what a haul.  These quilt tops really saved me and helped me get the quilts that I needed to finish for the school kids.  What a blessing!  Way to save my day ladies!!

Many of these tops are traveling to other longarmers to finish.  You’ll be seeing them all frosted and looking great soon!!

9 thoughts on “Quilts from the Cresco Ladies”

  1. What a wonderful collection of wonderful quilts. They will all make someone happy!
    I just might have to try the strip pieced quilts. They look very intriguing.
    Great job ladies. . . Jo & the Cresco gals!!

  2. My DD project for both August and September was to finish the king size string quilt I wanted for my bed. It was so fun to make! I highly recommend giving them a try. I wonder if they did have a string themed plan going on or if one lady did all those quilts.

  3. Jo, Do you know the name of the pattern for the 7th quilt in this post? It looks like it starts with a cream colored kite shape. Wondering if it is foundation pieced. It caught my eye. Love your blog!

  4. I love all the string quilts. Was wondering if the story has been told elsewhere about the Cresco ladies , Jo and all the longarmers that create these beautiful quilts? Of course, all the others that send leftover fabric, UFO’s, backings , batting etc— this is really quite something when you think about it. Keep up the wonderful work!!

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