Quilts from the Cresco Ladies

The Cresco quilting ladies have been busy.

This is only a portion of the quilts they’ve sent my way.

Sandra asked that I take a minute to publicly thank several of the people who have been directly sending goodies to their group.

Tina in CA sent a bunch of batting scraps.  The ladies sew these together and use them all the time…They use polyester batting too!!

Others who sent goodies include:
Becky in Soldotna, Alaska
Eleanor in Hudson, Indiana
Linda in Laurel Hill, Florida
Karen in St. George, Utah

Now for a batch of quilt tops from the ladies that will soon be sent out…

I love the fun of this quilt.  It goes to prove that even though I love fabric lines, I also love fun eclectic quilts.

This was all Monster’s Inc fabric.  Sandra my contact from the Cresco ladies quilters asked if I would pass this one along to Ray…so it went in the Ray pile.

Isn’t it FUN!!

These were blocks I made and then passed on to the Cresco ladies.

Each block has a frog in the center.  Sandra was looking through her donated fabric to find something for one more border and didn’t come up with anything.  I ended up having the fabric you see in the upper photo.  It was donated by a blog reader.  We sent this and fabric on to Ray.  He can add the border if he wants…or use it as backing or binding.

Carver liked this one best….Do you know why??  It has a pirate fabric for the border!!

Here is a cute idea for when you have one panel that is pillow sized left over….add borders until it’s a baby quilt!!  Love that idea.

Can you believe that I didn’t take a picture of every top?

This is a fun fast layout.

I thought this was VERY clever….In some of the fabric that was donated was a partial Precious Moments alphabet panel.  Well, some of the letters were missing.  UGH.  So did the ladies toss the partial panel, NO.  Sandra came up with the idea to make letters for the missing letters.  I love it.

You can see the cutout letters where Sandra did a raw edge applique on them.

How fun is this one.  Oh I love what they did with the daisy fabric!!

This one was bright and cheery too….

I like to point out the block when I can as I know many of you are also making charity quilts and appreciate good ideas.  Can you see the large rectangles and the small rectangles that come together to make the blocks?

This was another that I thought was a cute idea.  Notice how the blocks make a diagonal pattern with the yellow in between?

This is a close up of that block.  Simple but so cute!

That was this round of quilts from the Creso ladies.  I really enjoy opening the totes and seeing what the ladies have been up to!!

I so appreciate everyone who is supporting these and other charity quilters.  To find a list of charity quilting groups to send you goodies to, please follow this link.

7 thoughts on “Quilts from the Cresco Ladies”

  1. What beautiful quilts! Love the creative work on the alphabet quilt. The “bright and cheery” quilt is Missouri Star Quilt Company’s Double Slice quilt. Very fun and easy.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    The quilts you took pictures of are all great. I think I like the paper doll quilt best. Whoever laid it out did a great job of showing the changes of outfits. I liked a the alphabet quilt too. Using every bit scrap they can. Well done Cresco ladies. Thanks for sharing the quilts. It will be fun to see how Ray finishes the monster quilt

  3. Oh my what wonderful finishes from the Cresco ladies, They sure use an imagination with finishing odd bits and pieces and they turn out great. The monster inc fabrics made me smile, so cute.

  4. I cannot pick a favorite –all were just beautiful. Thanks to the Cresco ladies and all others for their donations to make these beautys.

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