Quilts from Our Book: Lani’s Thanks to YOU! and a call for help

You might recall that a week or so ago we Holly let us share her finished quilt from our retreat (read about that here if you missed it)…..Now it’s Lani’s turn.

Lani, along with her friend Sandy, were part of our California contingent that attended the retreat.  Here is her version of our “Thanks to YOU!” quilt.


About the quilt Lani writes:just wanted to let you know I finished mine from the retreat also.  I finished it last fall..it’s been quilted but not bound yet.  I’m thinking red polka dot for the binding.  Sandy and I sure enjoyed the retreat. ”

Her quilt is great.  This will always be one of my favorite quilts ever.

I met Lani several years ago.  She was attending a retreat at Country Threads when it was still open.  She asked if I’d drive over and meet her.  At the time I thought that a little crazy but then thought what the heck.  Country Threads is a safe meeting place.

I sure am glad that I did.  It started a whole new world for me.  I didn’t realize the power of on-line, or for that matter, distance relationships.  Both I have come to enjoy and very appreciate these relationships.  I can’t thank Lani enough for opening my eyes to that.

Here’s a charity quilt top that Lani brought when she last came that was just on the frame a week or so ago.  Now it’s out being bound by another blog reader.


Another bonus of going out and meeting Lani was meeting Linda.  She was also attending the retreat.  She lives much closer and has also become my friend.  She too attended the retreat we had this summer.

Speaking of Linda, she has neighbor’s who lost everything in a fire.  She is looking for charity quilts for them.  Linda had left a note in the comment section and I didn’t see it until all the charity quilts that I had finished were already sent out.  Linda writes, “We have had two families close by lose EVERYTHING in a fire….I would love to give them a quilt….I would pay for the shipping and provide the binding for the quilt….There are two children under twelve so a child’s quilt would work“.  UGH. I wish I had seen this before I sent the quilts all out.  Now I am contaminated for doing donation quilts.  Does anyone have anything they could share with Linda to help these families??

If you do, email me and I will pass the info on to Linda.  Here’s my email info rogjok@iowatelecom.net.

Linda is a kind soul. She’s the one who gave me the border fabric for my Wild Child quilt and the one who gave me my “The Lord is my Shepherd” bracelet (which I have faithfully been wearing to all my doctor appointments.

Let’s help Linda help someone else.  Let’s find quilts for the families who lost everything to the fires.

Thanks for sharing your quilt Lani.

You can find the pattern for Lani’s “Thanks to YOU!” quilt in our book Country Girl Modern.   If you’re interested in learning more about the book or ordering, you can find that information here.

3 thoughts on “Quilts from Our Book: Lani’s Thanks to YOU! and a call for help”

  1. I also have a boys’ twin quilt that I can get sent. . . I would also be willing to look at my pile and see if there isn’t something else that I have that would finish quickly, but didn’t know boy or girl. How many total quilts is Linda hoping to get? I know she said two families near her had homes destroyed by fire.
    Glad time is passing quickly for you.

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