Quilts for West Texas-Part #6

I have two more quilts to show you today and then after that, I am down to only four more….

I was tired by the time I got to these two so the first just has a simple large loopy design.  I think these are both Kay’s quilts too.  These two quilts got out of the original box they came in so I am hoping I remember the right name with the right quilts.

Here’s the next.  These are both lap quilts.  It was almost midnight by the time these two got quilted.

Ruby was missing from this photo shoot as she was outside playing the role of “farm dog”.  She’s gotten into a habit of hanging out with Hubby part of the day.  He loves it and she loves it too.

2 thoughts on “Quilts for West Texas-Part #6”

  1. You`ve done such an outstanding job on these quilts. I can`t belive how many you`ve done. So impressive an undertaking to get all these ready.

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