Quilts for West Texas-Part #4

I am still working on quilts.  I don’t think I will ever get done.

Here are quilts from Shirley…

This is a Disappearing Four Patch.


I did a free motion floral stipple from Pajama Quilter.  It’s really one of my new favorites.


This is a jelly roll quilt.  I love the colors in both of these quilts!

I did a free motion pattern from Pajama Quilter.  I love this pattern on jelly roll quilts.

People have asked how am I getting so many quilts done so quickly.  Honestly, I’ve taken about four days off of work.  It’s an advantage (and disadvantage) of being your own boss.  I really need to hurry and finish these up though because now I am getting behind with my work!!

2 thoughts on “Quilts for West Texas-Part #4”

  1. You might be behind, or getting behind, but they are very pretty. I love the first one because I very much like the Disappearing 4 patch

  2. Thank you for all your hard work!! Everything’s coming out so nice, and I just know the recipients will be thrilled. They may not have much left, but they’ll know someone cares about ’em!

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