Quilts for West Texas

I have been slowly working on the quilt tops that have been sent to me to quilt for the people of West, Texas.  Here are two that are completely finished.

The first quilt was done by Shirley.  It features embroidered blocks along with pieced stack and whack blocks.

I did some custom quilting in the inner border.  I love doing that.


The next finished quilt is a Villa Rosa Designs  pattern called “Wild Thing” made by Pat.   I just did a quilt big looping pattern.

When I offered to quilt some quilt tops for this project I knew that some quilts would come needing backings so I went to our thrift store to try to find some good 100% cotton sheets as I can’t afford new fabric backings for them all.  The store was closing and the clerks were trying to help me so I said I would take any 100% flat cotton sheet.  They put them in a pile.  There are nine sheets and honestly I never really saw them until I got home.  When I saw that there were two limey green ones I wasn’t happy as I thought I would never get them used.  WRONG!  The next day two quilts came from Pat and the two lime green sheets were the first two sheets I used from the stack!!  I guess God knows what I need before I do!!

3 thoughts on “Quilts for West Texas”

  1. It’s funny how limey green is almost a neutral. I’ve used it for backs also, never thought I would. Fun and happy quilts.

  2. Pat C in Washingon

    HA! I love purple and limey green together! The other one I sent would totally go with the limey green sheet with all the frogs on the front of it! So thankful you were able to quilt those quilts and find happy backing fabric. Thank you for undertaking this labor of love.

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